'No Modi wave' says BJP candidate Navneet Rana, then backtracks

Soon after the video of her making the statement while addressing a rally in her constituency went viral, she backtracked claiming that the video was "edited" and there's a Modi wave across the country.
Navneet Rana
Navneet RanaPhoto | X - @navneetravirana

First, BJP's Amaravati candidate Navneet Rana claimed that there is no "Modi wave." She was addressing a rally in her constituency on Monday, when she made the remark. The opposition parties were quick to react saying what she had said was indeed the fact. However, as the issue threatened to snowball into a controversy, Navneet Rana backtracked saying that she didn't make that statement and the video which went viral on social media was an edited version.

In that video, Rana said, "We will have to fight for the election as if it were a grama panchayat election. We will have to bring all the voters to the election booths by 12 noon. Don't remain under the illusion that there is a 'Modi wave'."

According to reports, Rana added that she had won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, despite a Modi wave. She won the seat as an independent candidate supported by NCP. She later joined Bharatiya Janatha Party and she is now contesting in a BJP ticket.

Soon after the video of her making the statement went viral, she has now claimed that the video was edited and there is indeed a "Modi wave" across the country. She also added that BJP will win 400 plus seats in this Lok Sabha elections.

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