Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.Photo | PTI

INDIA alliance govt will create crores of 'lakhpatis': Rahul Gandhi

The congress leader claimed that 10 years of PM Modi's rule saw 22–25 people becoming "arabpatis" (billionaires), while the INDIA alliance, if voted to power, will create crores of "lakhpatis."

AMRAVATI: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday claimed that 10 years of Narendra Modi government saw only 22-25 persons becoming billionaires, but if the INDIA alliance is voted to power, it will turn crores of people into "lakhpatis."

Addressing a rally in Maharashtra's Amravati district, Gandhi also said no force in the world can change the Constitution of India.

He reiterated that a caste-based census will be done on priority if the INDIA alliance is voted to power and it will also waive farmers' loans.

The Congress, which is a part of the opposition INDIA alliance, has listed the Mahalaxmi scheme and the right to apprenticeship among its various promises made in its manifesto for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls.

The former Congress president claimed that 10 years of PM Modi's rule saw 22–25 people becoming "arabpatis" (billionaires), while the INDIA alliance, if voted to power, will create crores of "lakhpatis."

The Mahalaxmi scheme, aiming to provide Rs 1 lakh every year to the poor women, and the right to apprenticeship, which aims to enable graduates and diploma holders to get a one-year job as apprentices and provide Rs 1 lakh in their bank accounts, will change the face of the country and make crores of "lakhpatis," he said.

After the end of the one-year apprenticeship, India will have a trained and skilled workforce, he said.

The Wayanad MP claimed the BJP wanted to change the Constitution because it did not want 90 percent of the population, which comprises the backwards, advisasis (tribals), Dalits and minorities, to know their real potential.

Describing the Constitution as the "voice" of the poor, he said, "No force in the world can change the Constitution, wonder what gave the BJP confidence to even think of doing so."

"The Constitution is not just a book, but a weapon of the poor," he said and claimed 22-25 persons were helping Modi to destroy it.

The poor, Dalits, backwards, minorities, poor from the general category, and adivasis comprise 90 percent of the population and they do not have representation in the corporate, government and media fields, Gandhi said.

"There are 15 percent Dalits, 8 percent adivasis, 50 percent OBCs, 15 percent minorities, five percent poor from the general category. Since they do not have a representation, issues related to them are not highlighted as they should be," he said.

The Congress leader said the right to apprenticeship will create a trained workforce in a year's time besides providing Rs 1 lakh in their bank accounts.

A commission will be set up to take a call on when the farmers' crop loans need to be waived, he said.

The INDIA alliance government will waive farmers' loans, Gandhi said.

"There is no dearth of money in the country. If loans of the rich are waived, same rule should apply to farmers and the poor, I am only asking for justice," he said.

Elections to the Amravati and seven other Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra will be held on April 26.

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