BJP Bikaner minority cell President expelled and arrested after criticising PM Modi

"BJP is not solely Narendra Modi's party. In the upcoming elections, BJP is anticipated to lose approximately 3 to 4 seats out of 25 in Rajasthan," Ghani said.
Bikaner BJP Minority Morcha district president Usman Ghani
Bikaner BJP Minority Morcha district president Usman GhaniPhoto | X

Following the conclusion of Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan, Usman Ghani, former President of Bikaner BJP Minority Morcha, has been apprehended by the police on charges of “breach of peace". It is noteworthy that three days prior, the BJP had expelled Ghani from the party.

The police released a statement regarding Ghani's arrest, citing his altercation with officers at the police station as the reason for his detention on charges of breaching peace.

Officer-in-charge of Muktaprasad police station in Bikaner city stated that Usman Ghani visited the police station this morning to report an issue. During the interaction, a confrontation ensued with the officers. Despite attempts to resolve the matter peacefully, Ghani escalated the situation, leading to his arrest.

It is notable that Ghani recently commented on Prime Minister Modi's remarks made during a televised statement concerning Delhi.

"Earlier, when they (the Congress) was in power, they had said Muslims have the first right to the wealth of the nation. This means they will distribute this wealth to those who have more children, to intruders. Should your hard-earned money be given to infiltrators? Do you agree to this," Modi had said.

Disagreeing with PM Modi's sentiments, Ghani expressed his disapproval of the comments directed towards the Muslim community.

He further stated, "BJP is not solely Narendra Modi's party. In the upcoming elections, BJP is anticipated to lose approximately 3 to 4 seats out of 25 in the state. There is fierce competition in Churu and Barmer."

Ghani continued, "Hundreds of Muslims like us are affiliated with the BJP. When we approach the public for votes, Muslims question us about our stance. Narendra Modi's rhetoric poses challenges. I am contemplating writing to him, urging him to refrain from such remarks."

This statement by Ghani was circulated widely on social media by the Congress, garnering millions of views.

Subsequently, the BJP ousted him from the party. Consequently, his arrest has sparked discussions in various quarters.

Chairman of the discipline committee president, Omkar Singh Lakhawat, issued an expulsion order on April 24, banning Ghani from the party for six years. Party spokesperson Manish Soni remarked, "Ghani's attempt to discredit the BJP on a news channel was deemed a breach of discipline by the party."

Usman Ghani joined the BJP in 2005, previously serving as an ABVP worker. He held various significant positions within the party, including District Vice President, before his tenure as the Party Minority Front leader

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