No Aadhaar numbers cancelled, clarifies UIDAI after Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee alleges cards 'deactivated'

CM Banerjee raised concerns on February 18, accusing the BJP-led central government of deactivating Aadhaar cards in the state ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.
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Two days after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee charged that the 'Aadhaar number' of several residents in the State has been deactivated, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Monday said to keep the Aadhaar database updated, intimations are issued to Aadhaar number holders from time to time, but no number has been cancelled.

The authority regularly issues intimations to Aadhaar number holders to ensure the accuracy of the database, which is crucial for availing subsidies, benefits, and services, it said.

Mamata's allegations

CM Banerjee raised concerns on February 18, accusing the BJP-led central government of deactivating Aadhaar cards in the state ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, and said the alleged deactivation is aimed at preventing people from benefiting from social welfare schemes.

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Centre 'deactivating' Aadhaar cards to stop people from getting social benefits: Mamata

Despite the allegations, she also assured the people of Bengal that they will not be deprived of benefits, even if their Aadhaar cards are inactive.

She announced that the state would issue alternative Aadhaar cards to those, who have far found their cards deactivated.

"Be careful, they (BJP-led Centre) are deactivating Aadhaar cards. Several Aadhaar cards have been made inactive in many districts of Bengal. They are doing this so that people do not get benefits of schemes like 'Lakshmi Bhandar' through bank transfer and free ration before the polls," she said.

The CM also said that she had already written to the Prime Minister seeking details on the alleged flip-flop over deactivation of a large number Aadhaar cards.

Response from UIDAI

UIDAI, in response to Banerjee's allegations, reiterated that no Aadhaar numbers have been cancelled. The authority stressed its commitment to addressing grievances and maintaining the integrity of the Aadhaar database.

"In case any Aadhaar number holder has any grievance they can submit their feedback to UIDAI, it said, promising that the grievance will be duly addressed.


Addressig a press conference in Delhi regarding this, BJP MP and Minister of State Shantanu Thakur said that the cards have been deactivated due to technical fault and that the government will address the issue promptly.

“I apologise to the people whose Aadhaar cards have been deactivated. It was a technical fault. Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting today. Those citizens, whose cards have been deactivated, need to apply online and their cards would become active soon. I will also give whatsapp number and email address in which they just need to send their names and addresses,” Thakur told reporters in Delhi.

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