BIS-certified products increased by six times in nine years: Goyal highlights role of quality control order

Till now BIS has issued 157 QCOs covering 673 products that have been notified so far. The majority of standards came in the past few years.
Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal. (Photo | PTI)
Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal. (Photo | PTI)

NEW DELHI: The role of a quality control order is the basic premise for transforming India into a global manufacturing hub otherwise India would become a dumping ground for the global market, underline Piyush Goyal, Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Textiles and Commerce and Industry while delivering a presidential address during 77th Foundation Day of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Quality Control Orders (QCO) lay down a standard for manufacturers to make consumer goods like toys, helmets, lighters, food products, commodities, etc. which should strictly meet the standard of the BIS's quality control orders. It makes manufacturers accountable for their products and safe for the users and the environment.

Till now BIS has issued 157 QCOs covering 673 products that have been notified so far. The majority of standards came in the past few years.

For instance, BIS has come up with QCO related to Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protection Devices and Accessories, Cements, Food supplements, Baby foods, Oil Pressure Stoves, Pneumatic tyres and tubes for automotive vehicles, Gas cylinders, clinical thermometers, Diagnostic Medical Equipment, Steel tubes, Chemicals, etc.

In the absence of varieties of domestic standards, India relies on foreign goods especially Chinese manufactured. According to Department of Consumers Affairs data, there is a 52% decline in toy imports reported from 2015 compared to 2023 because of QCOs that mandated quality above all.

Goyal emphasised making India a Pioneer of Standards in the sector such as elevators, lifts, air filters and medical items.

“BIS should not just be an adopter of standards but also be a pioneer of it,” said Goyal.

“India should make standards which must be compatible with international standards wherever possible, for example, lifts or air filters or medical items. This can be achieved through an increase in stakeholder consultations and by involving industry representatives," he added.

One of the major achievements of BIS in Hallmarking jewellery pointed out that mandatory hallmarking covers 343 districts. More than 4.3 lakh articles are hallmarked every day and 90% of jewellery that people buy is hallmarked.

“Till 2014, there were only 14 Quality Control Orders of 106 products. But, now, there are 156 QCOs of 672 products” said Goyal underlining the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PM who gave the call for Zero Defect, Zero Effect which means that India should make products of high quality that are sustainable, eco-friendly and have zero climate impact.

“QCOs are being processed in nearly 2500 more items which reflects our commitment towards quality by providing high standards goods and services,” he said.

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