In UP’s Bulandshahr, PM says time to make India fully developed by 2047

In UP’s Bulandshahr, PM says time to make India fully developed by 2047

LUCKNOW: With just four days into the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his resolve to take the pride and prestige of the nation to the pinnacle as the next step after the pran-pratishthha of Lord Ram in his home.

Referring to the one liner from his Ayodhya speech- “Dev se Desh aur Ram se Rashtra,” the PM said it was now time to pave the way ahead from ‘Dev to Desh’ and ‘Ram to Rashtra’ for the attainment of the target of making country fully developed by 2047.

Modi was addressing a public rally in Bulandshahr where he launched and laid foundation of development projects worth `20,000 crore for western UP on Thursday.

“In Ayodhya, I had said in the presence of Ram Lalla that with the task of pran-partishthha over, it is now time for taking the prestige of the nation to newer heights. It is now time to move forward with the endeavour of making nation developed by 2047,” said the PM adding that the task would be possible only with the collective effort of the countrymen and their cooperation.

He also reiterated the important role of Uttar Pradesh in attainment of the target of 2047. “The creation of developed India is not possible without the rapid growth of Uttar Pradesh,” maintained the PM.

Without taking names, he noted that after decades of independence, a major portion of the country remained deprived of development which was limited only to a few pockets. “Even UP, with the largest population, was neglected as the previous dispensations used to behave like rulers and divided the society to stick to power at any cost,” alleged the PM.

The PM said: “After independence for a long-time people raised slogans of ‘Garibi Hatao’ and some kept lying in the name of social justice. But the poor saw that only some people got rich and it benefitted their politics...But the situation in the country is changing.”

He added that the delivery of welfare schemes to every doorstep without any discrimination was “real secularism”.

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