Woman finds dead mouse in Hershey's syrup bottle ordered on Zepto

Three family members consumed the syrup and one of them needed immediate medical attention.
The family confirmed that it was a dead mouse after they poured out the bottle.
The family confirmed that it was a dead mouse after they poured out the bottle. (Photo | Prami Sridhar Instagram)

Days after a Mumbai-based doctor found a human finger in an ice-cream he ordered online, another similar incident has taken the internet by storm raising questions on food hygiene standards. A woman, Prami Sridhar, found a dead mouse in a bottle of Hersey’s chocolate syrup she ordered on Zepto.

Sridhar filmed a detailed video posting it on her social media handles. The video shows Sridhar and her family discovering small strands of hair in the syrup. That is when their suspicion rose. They started pouring out the content into a disposable cup until they found something of a thick consistency falling out. Upon washing it under running water, it was confirmed to be a dead mouse.

Sridhar had ordered the syrup to have it with brownies. Three of her family members consumed the syrup before noticing the issue. One of them had fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital. She has recovered fully.

“This is extremely concerning and unacceptable,” her post read. She tried reporting the issue but there was no response. The video amassed over five million views on Instagram. Users supported her and demanded a thorough investigation into the matter.

Soon after the video went viral, Hershey’s responded to it saying, “Hi there, we are very sorry to see this. Please send us the UPC and manufacturing code from the bottle to consumercare@hersheys.com with the reference number 11082163 so one of our team members can assist you!”

The company’s reply sparked even more outrage. One user commented, “Never want to use your products! Very bad! Mostly kids like your products and it is very bad for them! SHAME.”

Another user wrote, “Such a shame team. One of the top brands and this is the production.. should call for a boycott.”

In her Instagram post, Sridhar has cautioned the viewers to be aware of what they are ordering and eating and to be even more careful while offering it to kids.

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