NEET blame game in Bihar: RJD hits back with photos of deputy chief minister with 'paper leak' accused

RJD has posted photograph of one of the accused in the NEET paper leak case with deputy chief minister Vijay Kumar Sinha.
Bihar Deputy CM Vijay Kumar Sinha.
Bihar Deputy CM Vijay Kumar Sinha.

Soon after Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Kumar Sinha claimed links between officials associated with RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav, with one of the prime suspect in the NEET "paper leak", the RJD has hit back with a photo of another accused, Amit Anand alongside Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Kumar Sinha.

In a message posted in the microblogging site X, the party explained that the minister was assisted by the accused, but, hastened to add that, all photos relating to them have been deleted.

The tweet read, "The main accused in the NEET exam paper leak scam with the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar,". The so called powerful minister who was felicitated by the accused has deleted all his photos with him from his social media handles, but don't worry, we have them all."

This came after Sinha claimed that the official was in constant touch with Sikander Prasad Yadvendu, the arrested prime accused in the case, during a press conference on Thursday.

"The official associated with Yadav used to arrange accommodation for Sikandar at guest houses in Patna and other places. I have details of messages which the official had sent to the persons concerned for arranging accommodation for Sikandar," the Deputy Chief Minister said.

He also claimed that he possessed a mobile number which was used to send messages. While demanding a through probe and questioned the RJD leaders silence on the issue.

The RJD reacted to Sinha’s allegation coining them as a ”bundle of lies” and claimed the BJP leader was attempting to divert the attention from 25 lakh NEET aspirants from their core demand to cancel the exam held on May

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