After Ram, ‘Emergency’ in MP school curriculum

They will also get a 25% discount on travel through the air taxi services launched recently in the state.
 Dr Mohan Yadav
Dr Mohan Yadav

BHOPAL: Struggles of Emergency era will be included in the school curriculum of BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh, state’s chief minister Dr Mohan Yadav announced on Wednesday.

Addressing a gathering of MISA detainees at his official residence in Bhopal to mark the 49th anniversary of the 1975 Emergency, Yadav made the announcement. The announcement happened just a few days after the CM had announced including teachings of Hindu gods Ram and Krishna in the school and college curriculum of the state.

While lauding the CM’s announcement to include a chapter on the struggles of the Emergency era in the school curriculum, ruling BJP leader Tapan Bhowmick (who heads the association of the MISA detainees in the state) said a committee will be formed to decide the contents for inclusion in the school curriculum. “There is a strong possibility of the contents of the Emergency era being made part of Class VII and Class IX curriculum.”

Making a slew of other announcements for the MISA detainees in the state, the CM said the soldiers of democracy will be provided 50% concession up to three days stay at the Circuit Houses across the state and exemption on toll plazas.

The medical claims under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme will be paid on priority and speedy basis, air ambulance services will be provided to them for getting lifted for urgent medical treatment at big hospitals, particularly in the big and metro cities.

They will also get a 25% discount on travel through the air taxi services launched recently in the state.

The honorarium of Rs 8,000 which is provided for funeral/cremation of MISA detainees will be hiked to Rs 10,000 and their children.

Importantly, there are 700 MISA detainees currently in the state, who are getting monthly honorarium (pension) ranging between Rs 8,000 and Rs 30,000 from the government under three categories (depending on the prison term they served during the Emergency).

Besides it, 600 widows of MISA detainees are getting pension up to Rs 15,000 from the state government presently.

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