INTERVIEW | ‘My campaign is focussed on the development of constituency’

Rohtak BJP candidate Arvind Sharma explaining the issues concerning his Haryana constituency.
Arvind Sharma
Arvind Sharma

What are the main issues this time?

The main issues in this election in Rohtak are the developmental projects that we have planned for the region. This includes the extension of the Delhi Metro from Bahadurgarh to Rohtak via Sampla on one side, and up to Badli on the other side. We are also at an advanced stage of establishing rail connectivity between Delhi and Jhajjar via Farrukhnagar. Our government at the Centre is setting up the Rapid Rail Transport System (RRTS). In the first phase, Delhi-Meerut, Delhi-Alwar and Delhi-Panipat have been connected. We are working on getting the RRTS connection between Delhi-Rohtak in the second phase.

How are the state and national issues impacting your elections? Some MLAs recently withdrew support to the BJP-led government in Haryana…

That is not an important issue in this election. We have assembly elections after four months in Haryana. They may have thought that the BJP may not give them a ticket. They are trying to find ways of getting reelected.

What is the impact of the Congress campaign that the BJP will change the Constitution and end the reservation in jobs and education institutions for SCs, STs and OBCs?

It’s a canard being spread by the opposition. Our Prime Minister has categorically stated that the Constitution will not be changed. People are not swayed by the Congress propaganda.

Rohtak was a centre of farmers’ agitation against the central government’s three farm laws. What is the mood of the farmers? Are they supporting you?

The farmers belong to all the communities. Jats, Gujars, Yadavs, Brahmins and many other communities are engaged in farming. I feel the farming community will vote in a big way for the BJP in this election. Modi ji’s policies are helping farmers. The central government is transferring money directly into farmers’ accounts. We are procuring 14 crops at MSP in Haryana and there has been a big hike in the procurement price over the years. The Prime Minister is also working on reducing the input cost. Farmers are at the centre of our campaign.

How is the issue of unemployment among youth and the Agniveer scheme impacting your election?

Haryana saw rampant corruption and favouritism in government recruitment till 2014. There was a system of Kharchi-Parchi (bribe-recommendation). That system has been dismantled and jobs are being given on merit. This is a big change in Haryana. As far as the Agniveer issue is concerned, we are informing the people that the central government has promised to reemploy a percentage of the Agniveers and the Haryana government has announced a 10-per cent reservation for them. The state government has also instructed the multi-national companies to give preference to Agniveers in employment. In Haryana,

I don’t think any Agniveer will remain unemployed. The opposition campaign is based on lies. They are misleading the voters.

‘Farmers will vote for BJP’

The farmers belonging to all the communities will vote in a big way for the BJP this time. Modi ji’s policies are helping them. The Central government is transferring money directly into farmers’ accounts.

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