Comedian Nalin Yadav (R) shared a post on Instagram alleging attacks by people affiliated with the BJP.
Comedian Nalin Yadav (R) shared a post on Instagram alleging attacks by people affiliated with the BJP.Photo | Instagram @nalinsaaheb

Comedian Nalin Yadav, who was arrested with Munawar Faruqui, accuses BJP 'affiliates' of harassment

Yadav alleged that "relatives" and "known affiliates of the ruling party" had been harassing him and his brother for three years; BJP has denied the charge.

INDORE: Comedian Nalin Yadav from Madhya Pradesh has accused "some known affiliates of the ruling party" of harassing him and his younger brother for the past three years.

However, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday denied the charge and termed it as a tactic of the 28-year-old comedian to gain cheap popularity.

Yadav's allegations have come after a notice issued against him by the administration in connection with a case lodged two months back over a dispute with a person at Pithampur, located 40 km from here in the district.

The notice has been issued against Yadav by an executive magistrate under Code Of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) section 107 (requiring to show cause why he should not be ordered to execute a bond with a surety) for maintaining peace.

Yadav, a resident of Pithampur, was among four persons arrested along with comedian Munawar Faruqui on January 1, 2021 following a complaint that objectionable remarks were made by the latter about Hindu deities during a comedy show at a cafe in Indore.

The Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court ordered the release of Yadav from jail on interim bail on February 26, 2021.

In a post on Instagram late Sunday night, Yadav claimed, "In my hometown, I have a new identity as an anti-nationalist. There are a few people who are relatives and known affiliates of the ruling party, who have been harassing my brother and me for three years now."

"After getting released from jail, I haven't been home for more than three days in two years because some of the goons here were continuously harassing us," he alleged.

When contacted, state BJP spokesperson Alok Dubey told PTI that the comedian was carrying out a false propaganda against his party in a bid to get cheap publicity through social media.

According to police officials, a person, Sawan Singh Dabar, had allegedly assaulted Yadav in Pithampur on March 24 this year over an "old enmity" following which an FIR was registered against the former on charges of assault, abuse and issuing threats.

Dabar had also lodged a complaint of assault against Yadav, they said.

In view of the tension between Yadav and Dabar over the incident, the notice has been issued on an application of police, to both the parties to maintain peace.

Yadav's lawyer Ashar Warsi said legal options were being considered against the notice issued in the comedian's name.

Following a complaint by Nalin Yadav's younger brother Akash, an FIR was registered at Sector Number-1 police station of Pithampur on November 21, 2023, against local residents Uday Raghuvanshi and Krishna Thakur on charges of assault, abuse and issuing threats "over an old dispute", officials said.

The comedian has alleged that different people from the same group in Pithampur area were constantly harassing him and his younger brother.

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