Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar
Non-BJP federalism and modified India for 2024

Since Muslims comprise only 12.91 percent of the population, it can be safely assumed that most Hindus in 135 constituencies didn’t panic about love jihad.

28 May 2023

Rewriting history has geographical perils

Students aren’t taught about the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre. But many young Chinese, eager to know more about their past, are learning about the country’s erased past online.

16 Apr 2023

Trump ensures American civilisation is a dud

The journey of a nation to empire status and coming of age as a civilisation is an arduous passage.

09 Apr 2023

Words speak louder than actions in Bihar

A language is neither good nor bad; superior or inferior. Language is an evolving cultural experience, which is connected to experience through memory.

02 Apr 2023

Modi aces global leadership crisis

China’s Xi is busy putting down revolts and jailing critics as the economy falters and official corruption is rampant.

26 Mar 2023

Paradox of the liberal racists

 Even now, arts, culture, science, medicine and finance in the West have white donors and patrons. 

19 Mar 2023

Reservation in corruption counterproductive

Once, politics used to be live and let live, to die another day: vindictiveness, not vindication, defined the brotherhood of corruption.

12 Mar 2023

The fall and fall of Pakistan

Islamist policies, political and military corruption, and a terrorism problem of its own creation has brought India’s rogue neighbour to the brink of destruction

05 Mar 2023

Indian right must fill its scholarship blanks

The question to B or not to BBC cannot be resolved in India. The Indian Right seems to lack the intellectual depth and scholarship to mount a counter-narrative.

29 Jan 2023

Judiciary, executive can't be law unto themselves

In a democracy, everywhere, the winning lot is considered the good lot. Democracy’s greatest flaw, and its greatest virtue, is the will of the people.

22 Jan 2023

The sudden Russian death syndrome

The defenestration of millionaire Pavel Antov in Odisha is the latest in a series of mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs, millionaires and members of Putin’s inner circle

08 Jan 2023

Rahul's beard of self-discovery

Beards in politics are mainly subcontinental affairs. American, British, European and Australian leaders are largely clean-shaven, except for the few Sikh politicians and wannabe Khalistanis in Canada

08 Jan 2023

Not a good christmas for the governor

As with all big head-butts, the Vijayan-Khan bomb run began in the lofty arcadia of academia where power resides in the minds and hearts of pet intellectuals.

18 Dec 2022

Planet in crisis: Apocalypse now

Climate change looks irreversible now. The signs are already here—increased frequency of natural catastrophes, new epidemics and vanishing species could lead to mass extinction of humankind.

13 Nov 2022

Shaping an opposition in PK's form

The tactician behind Mamata Banerjee's thunderous victory declared that he was no longer in the election game.

20 Jun 2021