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Unfaithfully Yours

Shampa Dhar-Kamath

Nudging it right

Talk about nudging, and you automatically think of a friend elbowing you in the side to draw your attention to that much-despised colleague’s antics across the room.

08 Dec 2018

Art of Being a Braggart

Much of someone’s character is supposed to lie in what they don’t say about themselves.

24 Nov 2018

Festival of Lights, and Bites

Diwali is over, as is Bhaiyya Dooj (or Bhai Phota, depending on where you’re from).

10 Nov 2018

Good Fight on Bad Cholesterol

There’s a battle raging for our hearts.

01 Nov 2018

Calling all carpers

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

27 Oct 2018

Captains courageous

Women don’t have the courage of their convictions.

21 Oct 2018

Monument of remembrance

The more creative souls among us strive for posterity by writing books, making music, producing films, generating works of art.

08 Sep 2018

Apocalypse to Apocalypso

An unfamiliar sound woke me up at 3 this morning.  I sat up in bed unsure of what it was, and then I heard it again.

02 Sep 2018

Papa (& Mama) Don’t Preach

I wouldn’t write that if I were you… You must speak up more … You must talk less… For years, women have lived with know-it-all men who consider it their birthright to counsel us—unasked—on how we shou

04 Aug 2018

Last guest of heartbreak hotel

The last member of the Burari Bhatias, who were found hanging at their home three weeks ago, dropped dead last weekend.

29 Jul 2018

Creating treasure (and trust) out of trash

Crediting its success to its clients’ faith in it, the jeweller has launched many ads previously with trust woven into the storyline.

21 Jul 2018

Give all love the power to speak its name

The message of conformity is so pervasive, you have to hide your “difference” with the determination of a worker bee.

14 Jul 2018

Times They are A-changin’

Want to become a millionaire? Figure out a way to create time for others. You read that right. Time, not money, is the need of the hour. It’s always been. We just didn’t know it.

08 Jul 2018

Card-carrying members of a digital world

Economists like the idea of a cashless society and see payoffs in lower transaction costs and an end to tax evasion. Critics talk about the erosion of privacy and an increase in inequality.

30 Jun 2018

Four minutes between life and death

They call it a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I’m talking about suicide, which has become a deadly epidemic in India.

09 Jun 2018

When in doubt, tell the truth

As children, even as teenagers, we hide things from our parents to protect ourselves. Later, as adults, in our 40s and 50s, we are still hiding from them.

01 Jun 2018

Sacrificing your today for their tomorrow

The way we are pampering our kids and turning them into entitled creatures who know exactly what the world owes them but have not the faintest clue about what they owe society.

26 May 2018

Doing a deep dive into corporatespeak

If you have family or friends in the armed forces, you’re probably used to meetings and/or meals at X-hundred hours and locating people (surreptitiously) at 12 o’clock.

19 May 2018

An extramarital affair or two, anyone?

Upon learning that membership is free for women, I quizzed my girl pals on their possible interest in Gleeden—only to get the funniest responses.

12 May 2018

New India Awaits its Tryst with Triumph

Reading about New India in the dailies or watching the news channels, with their OTT stories of doom and gloom, can be enervating. Talking to citizens of new India, however, is always enlightening, ev

12 Apr 2018

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