Shankkar Aiyar

Author of Accidental India: A History of the Nation's Passage through Crisis and Change

Shankkar Aiyar
RCEP retreat and detained reforms

India’s pause—or exit—is simply the price of the systemic flaws that have rendered the economy less than competitive

11 Nov 2019

Indians gasp as governments grope

Prakash Javadekar, once again environment minister, must be experiencing a sense of déja vu.

03 Nov 2019

Lessons from Jat and Maratha Heartland

This lesson is particularly important to those who believe in sulking as a political philosophy and invest in hope as a viable strategy.

27 Oct 2019

It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s economics.

Economics is to politics is what lubricant is to an engine; it creates torque.

20 Oct 2019

What are states doing to arrest slowdown?

It has been more than a month since the 5 per cent bombshell rocked the economy.

13 Oct 2019

Public properties, private profiteering

During the Monsoon Session of Parliament, on July 15, 2019, the government revealed that over 9,622 acres of defence land was under encroachment in 30 states.

06 Oct 2019

Hard road beyond corporate tax cut

Crisis is a feel-good factor in India’s political economy. 

29 Sep 2019

Rats, crabs, potholes and wasted taxes

The quantum of public monies wasted and the apathy that envelops it is simply stunning.

08 Sep 2019

The LIC card and two more tricks that can get our economy humming again

India is caught at the intersection of a promise of a $5 trillion economy and the reality of a slowdown, between hope and despair.

01 Sep 2019

For ‘Ease of Living’: Dismantle distrust 

The promise and potential of transformation, though, requires the dismantling of the ideology of distrust.

25 Aug 2019

Fix real estate mess to house growth

The spectre represents an economic and systemic risk—the buyer without an asset and the builder with an unfinished project.

18 Aug 2019

Stocks, slowdown and signs of crisis

Loss of wealth has both economic and political implications.  

04 Aug 2019

Beti Padhao via the High Court

Access to facilities and safety of the girl student has been repeatedly identified as a perennial cause for dropouts.

28 Jul 2019

The BJP’s socialistic conservatism

Embedded in the criticism of bank nationalisation is a dying hope of loosening the grip of the socialistic pattern of politics. Right-wing commentators pinned their hopes on the BJP to do the needful.

21 Jul 2019

Free market politics, defection economics

The only homage paid to virtue, Lord Byron once said, is hypocrisy.

14 Jul 2019