Soli J Sorabjee

Soli J Sorabjee

Fun and games in solemn forbidding atmosphere

Courts are regarded as temples of justice where proceedings are conducted in a solemn forbidding atmosphere.

27 Jan 2018

Stop Complaining about our Commendable Judiciary

soli j sorabjee Former Attorney-General of India

04 Nov 2017

For once, fete of lights replaces gun firings at LoC

The struggles and sacrifices of our soldiers unfortunately are generally not well-appreciated. A soldier is regarded as an employee in the Public Works Department.

22 Oct 2017

Supreme Court scores on public trust with its transparency step

Secrecy is the badge of fraud. Sunlight is a good disinfectant. The above norms, applicable in the functioning of public institutions and public authorities, were recently enunciated by the Supreme Co

08 Oct 2017

Intolerance fosters a distorted version of Hinduism

It is reported that Gau Raksha Hindu Dal, a religious group, has issued directives to dhabas and shops to remove chicken and mutton dishes from their menu during Navratri, or face consequences.

24 Sep 2017

Dera violence clear case for president’s rule in haryana

The violence unleashed by followers of so-called godman Ram Rahim Singh, a convicted rapist, and the alleged failure of Haryana government to control the situation is appalling

27 Aug 2017

Ansari’s remark on minority insecurity wrongly timed

Hamid Ansari’s Comments on Minorities: I have always admired former vice-president Hamid Ansari’s role in the functioning of the Rajya Sabha.

12 Aug 2017

Some Indians are genetically prone to controversies

Ram Nath Kovind was sworn in as the 14th President of India.

30 Jul 2017

Glad to see opposition, ruling parties unite over China standoff

It was heartening to witness the Opposition’s unequivocal support to the Centre over China border dispute at Doka La at a marathon all-party meeting on Friday.

16 Jul 2017

Handshakes indicate formality, hugs show familiarity

Midnight Roll Out of GST in Parliament: At the stroke of the midnight hour, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out in the Parliament.

02 Jul 2017

Nirbhaya culprits must hang. The sooner the better

Death Penalty Conundrum: The debate about abolition or retention of death penalty is unending.

07 May 2017

New cult of nationalism overrules fundamental rights

MN Roy Memorial Lecture: Delivering the MN Roy memorial lecture, former Chief Justice of the Delhi and Madras high courts Justice A P Shah made significant observations

23 Apr 2017

India must not give in to Chinese intemperance

Dalai Lama’s visit to Tawang and  China’s Reaction: Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of numerous Tibetans.

09 Apr 2017

Gaikwad deserves a return gift of 15 beatings with slippers

One Arrogant Shiv Sena MP: Unruly Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad was on Friday barred from flying by Air India (AI) and five other private airlines, a day after he repeatedly hit a 60-year-old AI staff

25 Mar 2017

Law of land boomerangs on wilfully disobedient judge

Defiant Justice Karnan: One of the postulates of the Rule of Law is “however high you may be the law is above you”.

12 Mar 2017

Chieftains descend to take pride in their ‘ass’ slur

Abusive Election Campaigns: I vividly remember the lively intra-collegiate debates during my college days.

25 Feb 2017

Laws of libel do not deter our barb-philia politicians

Election campaigns in our country provide tax-free entertainment and also cause disappointment.

12 Feb 2017

Tree of  freedom needs constant care and nourishment

 Our country’s 2017 Republic Day function was special. UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was the honoured guest.

28 Jan 2017

SC order on PM should be confined to facts of the case

A bench of the Supreme Court rejected a plea for a court-monitored SIT probe into bribery allegations again Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

15 Jan 2017

Farsighted president, incorrigible netas and jolly sardars

President’s Words of Wisdom: In his inaugural address to the 77th session of the Indian History Congress in Thiruvananthapuram,

31 Dec 2016

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