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T J S George
Tughlak lives, so do his ideas

Plans are proceeding at breakneck speed to change the history, geography, archaeology, philosophy and essence of Delhi.

10 Nov 2019

Pleasures of rewriting history

A complication in the rewriting saga arose when Tholkappiar, who codified Tamil grammar, was accorded the same reverence as given to Panini.

03 Nov 2019

Economics Nobel goes to a cook

Worse, he said economics was a "kind of sideshow" for him. The Nobel Prize for a sideshow?

27 Oct 2019

All about Queen Elizabeth and me

Elizabeth II, the present queen, presides over a peaceful realm which may have no Shakespeares but which has no executions either.

20 Oct 2019

Lynching & the ethos of Bharat

It could be indeed an American plot.

13 Oct 2019

Now we know Mahatma Gandhi was a fraud

The ultra patriots have condemned Jawaharlal Nehru as anti-Indian. Gandhi is on their hit list but the public adoration he commands makes them cautious.

06 Oct 2019

PM Modi's secret of foreign success: Showmanship

There is no doubt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi has become the most celebrated political figure in the world, writes TJS George.

29 Sep 2019

Why Malayalam outclasses Hindi 

I am convinced that Malayalam should be declared the national language of India. Of the many reasons, consider just two.

22 Sep 2019

Butterflies & all things good

Across cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of hope, indicating good days ahead, while a left-hand itch is a pointer to impending loss of money.

15 Sep 2019

World as seen from downside up

I have hardly ever used, in more than two decades of writing this column, the word this sentence begins with—the first person singular I.

08 Sep 2019

Jaitley put his stamp on history

A partyman who soared above parties. An ideologue who reached beyond ideologies.

01 Sep 2019

Floods, the language of nature

Floods that have devastated vast regions of India in the last couple of months are a reminder of the catastrophe to which development is leading us.

25 Aug 2019

Using state power to crush democracy: Congress did it then, BJP now

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Indira Gandhi showed earlier and the BJP is showing now, writes TJS George.

18 Aug 2019

Article 370 abrogation: Right intentions, wrong steps

Let it be stated right away that there is nothing politically or morally wrong in restructuring J-K after the passage of seven decades, writes TJS George. But...

11 Aug 2019

India, China, Chanakyas & vaastu

Two years ago, then foreign secretary S Jaishankar (now foreign minister) said India’s rise should not be seen as a threat to China’s rise.

04 Aug 2019