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Decline & fall of the Congress. Again

The power of Indira’s personality gave it some weight. With that gone, the Congress turned uninspiring, to say the least.

20 Dec 2020

The long march: Indian version

The reality that stares at the world today is that farmers are on the rise in India and that there is no one in the Government who can even discuss matters with them.

13 Dec 2020

Fatima learned Sanskrit; Sister Lizi took up Arabic

Historical factors made religion integral to public affairs in India. Partition added a bleeding wound to it, with Hindu- Muslim antagonism leading to perennial problems.

06 Dec 2020

Tharoor-style non-stop stimulation

Tharoor dwells on a subtle point that made British colonialism a failure because it was fundamentally racist while French colonialism was a relative success because it had no trace of racism.

29 Nov 2020

Obama: Legacy of a civilised mind

Actually, the Obama opus is a classic, in the range it covers, in its analytical depth, and in the literary quality it displays on every page.

22 Nov 2020

Trump’s heavy footprints on history

For America’s sake, and for the world’s sake, it was important that Donald Trump should not win a second term as President.

08 Nov 2020

Who can resist the magic of PM Modi's oratory?

The damage inflicted by Narendra Modi’s use of power to promote Hindutva partisanship on the one hand and his own persona on the other will not lend itself to easy repair.

01 Nov 2020

Uncultured way of promoting culture

Not surprisingly, Home Minister Amit Shah has been supporting the idea of re-writing history. 'It is our responsibility to write our history,' he said.

25 Oct 2020

Kushboo and the thrill of changing colours

Kushboo is no household name, so a quick introduction may be in order.

18 Oct 2020

28 years after, Babri masjid demolished yet again

Since we are all patriotic, we must also have a second look at what we have been accepting as facts till now.

04 Oct 2020

Small minds try to re-make history

The Maharashtra State Education Board removed chapters about Muslim rulers and Mughals from history textbooks last month.

27 Sep 2020

‘Loyalists’ injurious to health

In a non-democratic family enterprise such as the Congress, even the appearance of rebellion is unthinkable.

20 Sep 2020

Realities beyond the peacock moment

A failed leader is dismissed from public memory if he is lucky, humiliated if he is not. A successful leader has all his failures erased from memory.

13 Sep 2020

All the lying they have done

A few days ago, for the first time in my eventful life, I felt jealous of the Americans.

06 Sep 2020

Congress leadership saga: Grand old party exploding from within?

Hangers-on of the family, benefiting from being hangers-on, dominate the party. They still argue that only the Gandhis can hold the party together.

30 Aug 2020

The virtuous out, the virtual in

Are we seeing the beginnings of a new one history, one culture, one language, one religion approach to nation building?

23 Aug 2020

The Congress is Modi’s big advantage

Narendra Modi, of course, has gifts of leadership that put him above his challengers.

16 Aug 2020

Now COVID is the great leveller

Unity of the unexpected kind is in the air.  Karnataka’s Chief Minister Yediyurappa caught Covid and went into quarantine, complete with hospital shirt.

09 Aug 2020

Vande Bharat beats China, COVID

Why were economic realities never a factor in India’s relations with China? Lazy India became dependent on hardworking China for even everyday items.

02 Aug 2020

Why Varavara Rao matters 

There was neither common sense nor political sense in putting Telugu poet and activist Varavara Rao in jail two years ago without trial and bail.

26 Jul 2020

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