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T J S George

India under intolerant Indians

Education is an unimportant topic among the decision-makers of today’s India. More than 30 per cent of school teachers do not have a degree.

25 Jul 2021

How to preserve, protect and defend PM

The Prime Minister underlined his pre-eminence by choosing a loyalist for the President’s post.

18 Jul 2021

Which leaders are ‘good and true’?

At every turn, the Government had made it clear that it was out to get Stan Swamy. This is the central fact that needs to be understood and recorded.

11 Jul 2021

That tear-drop of love matters

From Shah Jahan to Narendra Modi is a long way.

04 Jul 2021

There is freedom, but no mercy

People are getting arrested as in the days of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency.

27 Jun 2021

The condemned remain condemned

In India, prisoners are dehumanised. Even an 84-year old Parkinson’s disease victim cannot expect humane treatment, writes TJS George.

13 Jun 2021

Tickets with photos of you-know-who

Look at the Covid-19 vaccination certificate issued by the Government of India. Every certificate carries a photograph of Narendra Modi with a message.

06 Jun 2021

Modi-Shah blunder over Lakshadweep

Our leaders have a special talent to turn peaceful landscapes into war zones.

30 May 2021

India's COVID-19 crisis, a self-inflicted national catastrophe

Our parliamentary system does not enable the opposition to ferret out facts which the ruling dispensation tries to hide.

23 May 2021

Dravidian stock. Tejasvi Surya vs CN Annadurai

Tejasvi Surya's latest adventure into communal politics gives a Hindutva viewpoint even to corona and oxygen.

16 May 2021

Dear BJP, ‘Didi-o-didi’ has reverse effects too

Home Minister Amit Shah was bent on winning Bengal this time.

09 May 2021

Desperate people tell leaders: Go

As India's most image-conscious prime minister, Modi must be particularly upset about the way the world has revised its estimates of him.

02 May 2021

What is the issue, Covid or democracy?

Bodies have been stacking up in morgues and crematoriums but central and state governments hide the numbers.

25 Apr 2021

Bofors, Rafales and the beauty of sin

We have a range of freedoms that is unique to us. The French authorities openly said last week that Dassault gave one million euro as “gift” to an Indian middleman in the Rafale aircraft deal.

11 Apr 2021

Democracy even in times of Covid

Democracy is defined as a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

04 Apr 2021

Deny there was rape: Problem solved

 Upper caste crime against Dalits is a part of popular culture in Uttar Pradesh.

31 Mar 2021

'India that is Bharat'. Are we sure?

Congress MP, Shantaram Naik, introduced two Bills in Parliament demanding that the term India be omitted from the country's name.

28 Mar 2021

Struggle, struggle and struggle again

The World Economic Forum says that Indians born in low-income families will take seven generations to even approach the country's mean income.

21 Mar 2021

Kerala polls: Pinarayi is about to break a record

Pinarayi Vijayan would be a useful case-study for political leaders. He was a communist who would have got drowned in any other state; he survived in Kerala because communism is not feared there.

14 Mar 2021

It’s now declassified: Racism rules

Let the essential details of history be never forgotten.

07 Mar 2021

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