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Aayirathil Oruval. One in a thousand women, Jaya achieved greatness against tremendous odds

Politics consumed Jayalalithaa so comprehensively that the human side in her remained invisible most of the time.

14 Jul 2022

TJS George Column | Now is the time to say goodbye

Prime Ministers may come and go, home ministers may say this and that, but the essence of India will go on, unaffected by the manipulations of power-seekers.

12 Jun 2022

Capitalising on the greatness of Modiji

There is something phenomenal about the way literature is building up on Narendra Modi.

05 Jun 2022

Where has Gandhi’s, Nehru’s India gone?

Once upon a time there was Mahatma Gandhi’s India which dovetailed imperceptibly into Jawaharlal Nehru’s India.

29 May 2022

The gospel according to Amit bhai

Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the most PR conscious Prime Minister in Indian history.

22 May 2022

Secrets in the Taj Mahal’s rooms?

The Allahabad High Court has rejected a petition seeking the opening of the Taj Mahal’s closed rooms.

15 May 2022

'Hindi imposition' row: A language to disrupt India?

Hindi zealots do not realise a basic fact of life — that zealotry is negative in its impact.

08 May 2022

Can Congress stop working for BJP?

Prashant Kishor thinks he can change this.

01 May 2022

The age of crime and computers

Imagine a situation where a household celebrity of Karnataka such as B S Yediyurappa cannot be found. That is what happened in the ultra-modern state recently.

24 Apr 2022

Alas, Hindi will never unite India

Why is Hindi unable to function as a uniting influence? To those with an open mind, the answer is clear. Hindi is the first language of nearly 57 per cent of Indians.

18 Apr 2022

The rise of communal nationalism

There was Nehru’s India and then there was Vajpayee’s India and now there is Modi’s India. Same soil, but three different countries as it were.

10 Apr 2022

Learn from the decline of Sri Lanka

What a tragedy Sri Lanka has become. All school examinations have been cancelled because there is no paper.

03 Apr 2022

Jinnah lives again, what an irony?

We may think there is irony in Yogi striking the same chords that Jinnah struck way back in the 1940s. But there is no irony there. Politicians are the same, irrespective of the colours they wear.

27 Mar 2022

Congress can’t be privately owned

Kapil Sibal questioned the authority under which Rahul Gandhi leads the Congress.

20 Mar 2022

Yogi Adityanath: The victory of communalism

Religion sells. In most parts of the world, mixing politics with religion is recognised as an unwholesome practice.

13 Mar 2022

Are 'low-calibre men' India's destiny?

When the economy opened up in the 1990s, many failed initially to comprehend its implications. The wise had always known about the potential of India.

06 Mar 2022

Ambedkar, Mulk Raj: where’s that India?

What exists now is an India that thinks things through as per the single ideology that is identified as patriotic.

27 Feb 2022

Lata Mangeshkar: The musical phenomenon we lost

Lata’s primacy in her field was accepted by fellow artists with a naturalness that testified to the quality of her art.

20 Feb 2022

Silence is no solution to evil

The simplicity of the words underlined their power.

13 Feb 2022

Rogues can be dressed as priests

To call Franco Mulakkal India’s Rasputin would be unfair to Rasputin.

06 Feb 2022

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