Ask Prabhu

Prabhu Chawla is the Editorial Director of The New Indian Express group.

Having begun as a reporter and spent over 40 years in journalism during which time he has headed The India Today group and The Indian Express as Editor, Chawla has witnessed and recorded dramatic changes in Indian democracy — from the trauma of the Emergency, the pathos of Rajiv Gandhi's rise and fall and the angst of Mandal to the churning of liberalisation and the rise of coalition politics.

Your Replies


Bangalore 03-10-2018

Q: PM Modi is not a businessman, industrialist, doctor / a lawyer. Nor he hails from a royal family. Then how does he fight elections without money? You know how much money is required to fight Assembly / LS elections? How does he maintain a certain standard of living without any regular source of money? I am told he wears expensive suits.

A: I have known him for over four decades. He is a man of frugal habits. For your information, the government looks after his housing, travel, medical and other expense. And the salary he gets as Prime Minister is enough for him to meet his expenses for clothing. His election expenses are met by his party.


australia 03-10-2018

Q: Respected Sir, can we expect you to take an interview with Ravi Zacharias ( he is a Christian apologist). He is the founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and host of the radio programs Let My People Think and Just Thinking. 

A: I have stopped doing interviews.

Shankar Rao

BENGALURU 03-10-2018

Q: Do you agree that our so called Intellectuals/activists have links with Naxalites indulging in terror activities against Police and Government through violence and other subversive activities?

A: Yes, some of them are ideologically aligned with Maoists who adopt violence to achieve power and topple the elected government. But we should neutralize them by thoughts and not bullets. Killing them should be the last option when they indulge in killing innocent people.


BENGALURU 03-10-2018

Q: Is Rahul Gandhi really getting invites from Foreign Universities/Institutes to speak voluntarily or is it pre-arranged/pre-paid or quid pro quo for future help from Indian Government when Congress forms a Government?

A: I don’t have any details. But all political leaders including from the BJP get invited to address forums controlled by their sympathizers abroad. But in the case of top leaders like Rahul, it is the party which bears all the expenses.


uk 03-10-2018

Q: Sir, Is it true that 15 police officers were convicted for their connivance in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi? To be honest, I feel the full details of who and how many were responsible in his assassination has not been entirely disclosed to the public by the media if not the government.

A: I have haven't heard of any policeman being arrested/involved in Rajiv's tragic assassination. If you have any evidence or credible information please forward it to us. Otherwise, don’t spread rumours for which you can face police action.