FA Cup semis: Frank Lampard wants VAR to work in Chelsea's favour against Manchester United

Frank Lampard stopped short of being critical of the VAR decisions that have gone Manchester United's way in recent matches.
Chelsea gaffer Frank Lampard (Photo | AP)
Chelsea gaffer Frank Lampard (Photo | AP)

LONDON: Frank Lampard feels Manchester United have been getting favourable decisions from Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) in recent matches and hopes it gives decision in Chelsea's favour during the upcoming FA Cup semifinal between the two teams on Sunday.

Chelsea have been defeated by Manchester United three times already this season (twice in league and once in Carabao Cup) and Lampard hopes he can end his personal rut against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's troops at Wembley Stadium.

"It would be nice if VAR worked in our favour in this one, I guess. Fair play, we've lost three and that's just a fact. I'm not into revenge. I just want to win the game on Sunday and against a very good team," Chelsea manager Lampard told reporters as per The Guardian.

"It was very much a changed team in the Carabao Cup and I still felt we were the better team, but you lose. Then in the league we had a good first half, missed opportunities and they take theirs.

"You have to respect the fact they are a good team and we can all see that in their recent form, but I'm not overly concerned about the games that have gone by. I just want to win the one that's in front of us," he added.

Lampard also stopped short of being critical of the VAR decisions that have gone United's way in recent matches. The Red Devils have already been awarded 13 penalties this term, which is a joint Premier League record. He warned his team that similar fate awaits them in the upcoming clash if they aren't careful against the likes of Bruno Fernandes and others.

"They have to be careful because when players of such high level, quality and speed of the Manchester United forwards travel quickly you have to move your feet and not dive in," Lampard said.

"That's an important part of defending at any point in time. But when you understand the qualities of the opposition, with players like that.

"And (Bruno) Fernandes, to be fair, because he's very clever in his movement. We saw that at Aston Villa to make something feel like a penalty where maybe it even isn't. The players don't have to give that. As a player we can talk about VAR decisions and whether they're right or wrong but if a player is going to dangle a leg and not move their feet then you obviously do leave yourself open to penalties, VAR or no VAR."

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