Archery Association of India factions await Delhi HC verdict

Earlier, the SC refused to pass an order on the June 9 simultaneous elections and sent the matter back to the Delhi HC for a final decision.
Delhi High Court
Delhi High Court

NEW DELHI: The acrimony between the warring factions of the Archery Association might get even more complicated. The Supreme Court refused to pass an order on the June 9 simultaneous elections and sent the matter back to the Delhi High Court for a final decision. The matter may come up for hearing on Friday. However, both union minister Arjun Munda and BVP Rao-led factions are expecting a favourable verdict. Both gro­ups have also gone ahead and submitted their own compliance reports in the High Court.

In the compliance report filed by Rajender Singh Tomar on behalf of the Committee of Administrators, it has been mentioned that former president BVP Rao had stepped aside after the May 1 SC ruling while secretary Maha Singh had unilaterally and without the backing of the CoA issued separate election notices and  appointed a returning officer for the Chandigarh elections. Interestingly, Tomar was present in the Delhi elections.

It has been learnt, the Arjun Munda-led group wanted the apex court to declare null and void both elections and order fresh elections after appointing a returning officer. They hold the mandate with 23 associations backing them and would be a mere formality.

But Rahul Mehra, petitioner in the Rahul Mehra vs Union of India & Ors, informed the bench that according to their previous ruling, only the High Court can pass judgement on this particular PIL. “Where does the whole issue of fresh elections come from? Out of two elections, one will be recognised by the High Court. Let the law takes its own course,” Mehra said. According to Vide Para 22 (VI) of the said judgement, “Any issue arising from such amendment may be raised before the High Court where the main matter i.e. Writ Pretition (Civil) No 195/2010 is pending...  

After both factions issued separate notices, the VK Malhotra-backed group had app­r­oached the apex co­urt and as­ked them to name a re­turning officer so that the is­­sue of dual elections could be halted. The court, at that po­­­int in time, did not rule on the matter and issued a notice wh­­ich came up for hearing on Monday.

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