City Traffic Situation Changes for the Better

City Traffic Situation Changes for the Better

VISAKHAPATNAM: It looks like the city police have finally found a solution to put traffic violations on the check and reduce fatal road accidents.

In a fast developing city like Vizag, where the traffic rules are followed more in breach than in practice, the traffic police have come up with new initiatives including reorganising the traffic signals and strict monitoring of violators.

The city lanes, which are considered a threat for rides, are now turning to become the safest. Re-organising signals, track painting, zebra cross marking, enforcement and finally strict monitoring are the sights one can witness, getting on the roads.

Additional DCP (Traffic) K Mahendra Patrudu said it many campaigns were taken up to create public awareness on traffic rules and road accidents. Finally, the efforts paid off, he added. He said that their main motto was to reduce road accidents. “We started the campaign with an initiative to end fatal road accidents. We have taken up many steps on the awareness, enforcement and infrastucture fronts,” Pathrudu said.

As many as 34 of the 94 junctions in the city have been provided with new traffic signals which have provision for surveillance cameras. Vaibhav Junction, Jail Road Junction, Chermas Junction, Swarna Bharathi Junction and a few others are in the preliminary list of centres chosen for setting up of new traffic signals.

The track painting and zebra-crossing marking have created some space for the vehicle-users as well as the pedestrians. Pathrudu warned the people against their vehicles in an inebriated condition.

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