Dasara has City Folk Feast on 168 Tonnes of Meat

Dasara has City Folk Feast on 168 Tonnes of Meat

VISAKHAPATNAM: With Dasara and Bakrid occurring on consecutive days, the port city witnessed a huge sale of meat. Mutton and chicken shops were busy with customers. According to chief veterinary officer of GVMC B Ramamohana Rao, Vizagites consumed more than 168 tonnes meat during the festival season from September 28 to October 5. About 7,500 of sheep and goats were sold in the municipal limits.

He said that there was a three-fold rise in the demand for meat. Normally, about 2,000 to 2,500 sheep/goats are slaughtered in a week. With Bakrid falling on Monday, more than 1,200 sheep/goats were slaughtered on the day. The actual weight of meat after removing the skin and other body parts would be around 8 kg.

According to GVMC officials, around 60 tonnes meat was on sale during the previous week. Ramamohana Rao said that the chicken sales would have easily crossed 100 tonnes during the week. The demand for mutton started increasing right from the first day of Navaratri. It peaked as the festival drew to a close with a day’s break on October 2 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. There was a heavy demand on the Vijaya Dasami day and it was followed by a week Sunday and Bakrid Monday.

“The main dish for Dasara is meat. People prefer mutton and chicken irrespective of their high prices. We serve mutton and chicken dishes to our relatives during the Dasara festival,” said P Appala Naidu, a resident of Isukathota in thet city.

Meanwhile, fish and other seafood also was in demand during the festival season.

This week, mutton prices ranged from Rs 480 to Rs 560 per kg while those of chicken ranged between Rs 160 and Rs 220 per kg. The rates were dependent on the area and the day.

Mohammed Yasin, a butcher at Isukathota Junction, said that he had to slaughter a minimum number of three to five sheep on all the days during the festival.

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