Patients Suffer as Visakhapatnam Govt Hospitals Go without Power

Patients Suffer as Visakhapatnam Govt Hospitals Go without Power

VISAKHAPATNAM : Hudhud cyclone has seriously affected power supply to hundreds of hospitals.  At King George Hospital, the major government hospital in the city, patients as well as their attendants are witnessing the worst due to the cyclone.

However, the situation is better at big private hospitals, which are running on generators. It has been a hell-like situation for the patients at government hospitals and small hospitals in the city here Tuesday.

There was no power supply and KGH authorities have managed to supply electricity only to like operation theaters, scanning centres and diagnostic laboratories and ventilators. The hospital is using only three generators. All wards, including children’s, gynaecology, are without power supply. But the administrative block, doctors’ cabins and dining halls had electricity.

P Sanyasi Naidu, a patient’s relative from Anakapalle, said there was no power supply for the ward where his mother is undergoing treatment. “All the patients are facing hell. There are many aged persons in the ward. The authorities did not even provide drinking water. The wards are also not cleaned since the cyclone,” he added. Similar was the condition at gynecology, children’s and other wards. Patients’ relatives are seen fighting for water sachets being distributed outside the hospital. There is no water supply in toilets. Tulasayya, relative of a patient, said he had brought water  from a borewell.

While big private hospitals are using a number of generators, smaller ones are asking the patients to leave.

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