Protect future of Andhra Pradesh, Jagan tells public ahead of elections

No one used to get benefits without paying bribes under TDP regime, alleges CM Jagan
CM Jagan interacting with a child at Dhullipalla in Guntur district on Friday
CM Jagan interacting with a child at Dhullipalla in Guntur district on Friday Express

VIJAYAWADA : Asserting that the upcoming general elections represent a battle to secure the future of the State and that of the poor, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday asked those supporting him to visit every house and tell people about the good work done by his government and request them to become his star campaigners.

Braving rain, people welcomed and cheered Jagan throughout his roadshow taken out as part of Memanta Siddham Yatra which culminated in a public meeting at Prathipadu.

Expressing his gratitude to the people, who gathered at the venue amidst the rain, he asked whether they were ready to protect and continue the welfare measures introduced by the YSRC government in Andhra Pradesh.

“Are you all ready to support the YSRC government, which has implemented a historic number of welfare measures in the areas of education, health, farmers assistance, women empowerment, pensions for the needy, and various services at the village secretariat?” Jagan asked.

Coming down heavily on the Opposition, Jagan said, “Earlier, without paying bribes, no one used to get the benefits of the welfare schemes, but in our government, we have been delivering welfare schemes benefits without one having to grease the palm of anyone. We have deposited over Rs 2.7 lakh crore in the beneficiaries’ bank accounts through DBT alone.”

He asked the people whether they were ready to press two buttons on the ‘fan’ symbol in the upcoming elections. “This election is not a contest between Jagan and Chandrababu, but it is a battle between the poor and the likes of Chandrababu, who has come to be identified with frauds. In 2014, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, JSP president Pawan Kalyan and the BJP came up with a colourful manifesto which they forgot after the elections were over,” Jagan said.

He said, “Naidu had failed to implement even one of his promises. From loan waiver for farmers (Rs 87,612 crore) and self-help groups (Rs 14,205 crore) to the promise of depositing Rs 25,000 following the birth of a girl child under the Mahalakshmi scheme, nothing materialised,” said Jagan.

“In 2014, Naidu sent a pamphlet to every household with various promises like a job to every household or Rs 2,000 as unemployment dole. During his 60 months in power, did he give 1.2 lakh per household?” asked the CM.

Jagan also took a swipe at Naidu for failing to deliver on promises like allotting three cents of land to eligible beneficiaries, the creation of a BC sub-plan for Rs 10,000 crore, waiving loans for people with power looms and handloom units, the creation of the women’s protection force, developing a State like Singapore, building hi-tech cities, which were not fulfilled.

He also noted that the Opposition alliance led by Naidu, Pawan Kalyan and Narendra Modi had failed to get the special category status to Andhra Pradesh and now they have come together again with ridiculous promises in the name of Super Six and Super Seven.

Jagan also introduced the party candidates who would be contesting for Guntur Lok Sabha seat and seven Assembly constituencies under it. Introducing Mangalagiri MLA candidate M Lavanya, who would be contesting against TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh, Jagan said, “While voting, you must remember that she is a local and needs your support. All of you should campaign for Lavanya who will be always available to the people of the constituency, unlike her opponent. I am confident that Lavanya will do good for the people of the constituency.”

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