Avinash’s performance as an MP lacklustre: Chadipiralla Bhupesh Subbarami Reddy

People are disenchanted with the YSRC government’s performance and ready to voice their discontent in the polls.
Chadipiralla Bhupesh Subbarami Reddy
Chadipiralla Bhupesh Subbarami Reddy

Chadipiralla Bhupesh Subbarami Reddy has emerged as a vocal critic of Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy, terming his performance lacklustre. Named as the TDP nominee for Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency, he asserts that the YS family’s prolonged reign has yielded scant development in Kadapa district. In an interview with S Nagaraja Rao, Ch Bhupesh Subbarami Reddy promises to bring about a meaningful change in the district, if elected

What kind of response you are getting from people in the election campaign?

We have noticed a significant anti-incumbency against the YSRC during our campaign, particularly concerning unfulfilled promises of the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government and rising prices of essential commodities. Our Super Six Manifesto has garnered tremendous support, indicating voter dissatisfaction with the ruling party’s poor performance. We are confident that voters will rally behind us and ensure our victory in the elections.

The YSRC claims to have directly deposited crores of Rupees into beneficiaries’ bank accounts under welfare schemes, and describes them as its star campaigners. How do you respond to its assertion?

The ruling party’s welfare schemes are marred by allegations of financial exploitation, offering minimal relief compared to the economic burden placed on people through increased prices and taxes. People are disenchanted with the YSRC government’s performance and ready to voice their discontent in the polls.

What is your main criticism of the sitting YSRC MP?

I believe that Avinash Reddy and the ruling YSRC have failed the district on multiple fronts. They have not fulfilled promises related to industrial development, such as establishing a steel plant and constructing the Kadapa-Bangalore railway line. This neglect is a betrayal of the people’s trust, especially considering the YS family’s longstanding dominance in the region.

How do you compete with the two-time MP?

Avinash Reddy’s tenure as an MP has been lacklustre with minimal development initiatives in the district. Voters are disillusioned with his poor performance, providing us with an opportunity to secure their support. Our focus on addressing key issues and delivering on promises will resonate with voters and ensure our victory.

What are your priorities for the growth of Kadapa?

I will prioritise execution of infrastructure projects such as the Kadapa steel plant and the Kadapa-Bangalore railway line. The district has immense potential for industrial growth, and I want to harness it by attracting huge investments and promoting job creation. Additionally, I’ll prioritise supporting farmers and unemployed youth through various initiatives aimed at enhancing their livelihood.

In Kadapa, there is significant Muslim population. Will TDP’s pact with BJP have any negative impact?

Our alliance with the NDA has been historically successful and will not jeopardise our chances of victory. We’ve consistently worked to address the needs of all communities, including Muslims, through various development initiatives. Under the leadership of TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, we’ll ensure that interests of all the people are better safeguarded.

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