Andhra Pradesh: Power utilities step up efforts for uninterrupted energy supply

The energy demand met in the month until April 26 was 6,345 MU, with a maximum day demand of 253 MU on April 19, 2024.
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VIJAYAWADA: Despite the rising temperatures, the Andhra Pradesh Power Utilities are putting all-out efforts to meet the increasing energy demand, which is expected to exceed 250 Million Units (MU) per day in the coming months.

The AP Power utilities are successfully meeting the energy demand in April 2024, which ranges from 235 to 245 MU per day and is likely to increase further in the coming days. The energy demand met in the month until April 26 was 6,345 MU, with a maximum day demand of 253 MU on April 19, 2024.

Out of the total demand met in April, 45.7 percent of energy demand was met from APGENCO (Thermal, Hydel), 15.27 per cent was met from Non-Conventional energy sources (wind and solar), 15.16 per cent was met from CGS, and the remaining 23.87 per cent was met from IPPs, market purchases, gas, etc.

The Power Utilities are taking major steps and are committed to providing uninterrupted power supply to all types of consumers and sectors, with a special focus on villages, ensuring 24x7 power supply, including nine hours of daytime power supply to agriculture.

Required coal stocks are being maintained at State thermal plants by APGENCO, and measures are being taken to avoid forced shutdowns to mitigate the non-availability of plants during this crucial time.

This is one of the key factors for meeting the demand fully in this summer season. Special Chief Secretary Energy & CMD APTRANSCO K Vijayanand, along with MD APGENCO & JMD APTRANSCO KVN Chakradhar Babu and CMDs of DISCOMs I Prudhvi Tej and K Santosha Rao, are regularly monitoring the power supply position round the clock and taking all required measures on a war footing basis to meet the abnormal rise in energy demand.

The Special Chief Secretary also monitors transmission network issues such as overloading, under voltage, thermal limits, contingencies, sag, reactive power management etc., for the secure operation of the grid with the safety of the equipment to meet the demand without any hindrance and suggests actions to be taken in advance to overcome the said issues.

Power utilities are fully prepared and taking all measures to meet the rising demand in this summer season to supply reliable, uninterrupted, quality power to every home in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

In case of any interruption in the power supply, prompt action from concerned staff is being taken to resolve the issue and provide power supply at the earliest.

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