Jagan strongly defends AP Land Titling Act

Asserts that it would effectively eliminate fraudulent practices in land transactions, deplores TDP’s misinformation
Jagan Mohan Reddy
Jagan Mohan Reddy

VIJAYAWADA : Strongly defending the AP Land Titling Act enacted by the previous regime, YSRC chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy dismissed the TDP’s criticism of the Act as a malicious propaganda.

Addressing the YSRC MPs on Friday, he explained the significance of the Act, likening it to the laws in the United States and European nations aimed at providing secure land title deeds to property owners.

The former Chief Minister lambasted the TDP and its allies for spreading misinformation about the Act during the just concluded elections, labelling it as a ‘Ghost’. Implementation of such an Act required significant effort, including the deployment of nearly 15,000 surveyors across the State, he said. Highlighting the benefits of the Act, Jagan asserted that it would effectively eliminate fraudulent practices in land transactions, ensuring transparency and legal security for land owners. “For the first time in the history, the government would guarantee land title deeds under the Act, and compensation would be paid in case of erroneous records,” he highlighted.

On the TDP taking a U-turn on the Act it supported in the Assembly, Jagan termed their political manoeuvres contradictory. “Their actions reveal their true intentions,” he remarked, in a robust defence of his administrative policies.

Acknowledging the huge electoral setback with a 10% drop in the YSRC vote share compared to the previous elections, Jagan expressed optimism that the people would soon recognise the substantial achievements of his regime.

He reaffirmed his commitment to continue championing the cause of people, citing his endurance and resolve gained from Praja Sankalpa Yatra across the State. “I am young and determined,” Jagan affirmed, expressing confidence that the people would restore his party to power. His steadfast defence of the Land Titling Act reflects the current political dynamics in Andhra Pradesh, resulting in a fierce contest of ideologies and policies.

Mentioning the election outcome, Jagan expressed his surprise and disappointment, attributing it to unforeseen circumstances. However, he expressed confidence that the people would eventually recognise the big difference in governance between the YSRC and the TDP, leading to renewed support to his party in the future.

Highlighting the significant achievements of his government, Jagan outlined the party’s future strategy. “All the welfare schemes were implemented based on eligibility of the people without any discrimination, giving no scope for corruption,” he claimed.

He outlined the YSRC’s strength in Parliament with 11 Rajya Sabha and four Lok Sabha members, totalling 15 MPs, compared to 16 MPs of TDP. He exhorted the MPs to focus on people-centric issues in Parliament and maintain party discipline to effectively represent the interests of the State and nation.

Jagan reaffirmed the party’s leadership in Parliament with V Vijayasai Reddy continuing as the leader in the Rajya Sabha, P Mithun Reddy as the leader in the Lok Sabha, and YV Subba Reddy as the leader of the Parliamentary Party. He urged all the MPs to coordinate closely, discuss issues, and uphold the party’s ideology and identity in their actions in Parliament.

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