DGP warns students against drug abuse at International seminar in Vijayawada

Expressing worry over drug culture in India, DGP urges students to focus on their career
DGP Ch Dwaraka Tirumalarao, CP PHD Ramakrishna and others taking pledge to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse.
DGP Ch Dwaraka Tirumalarao, CP PHD Ramakrishna and others taking pledge to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse.Photo | Prasant Madugula

VIJAYAWADA : Stating that students and youngsters are future citizens of the nation and prosperity of the country is bestowed upon them, Director General of Police (DGP) Ch Dwaraka Tirumala Rao expressed his worry that drug culture in India is becoming a cause of concern psychologically, societally and economically.

Addressing the gathering of students, parents and college management attended for a seminar held to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse at Tummalapalli Kalakshetram in Vijayawada on Wednesday, the DGP told students not to spoil their career and health by getting addicted to the drugs and other narcotic substances.

He further explained the evil effects of consuming drugs and other narcotic substances to the students and urged them to focus on their career. “In most of the cases, consumption of any narcotic substance starts as a fashion or from a

friend. Andhra Pradesh State police are giving their best efforts to control the consumption, peddling, supply and cultivation of ganja in agency areas. Also, special focus is on to provide alternate employment opportunities to ganja cultivators to prevent them from cultivating cannabis,” he explained.

Renowned psychiatrist Indla Rama Subba Reddy, director of prosecutions B Koteswara Rao and others attended the seminar and gave their presentations on the evil effects of drugs and wanted the students to fight against the menace.

This year’s theme for International Day Against Drug Abuse, which is observed annually across the world, is ‘The evidence is clear: Invest in prevention’. This highlights the critical need for evidence-based strategies in curbing drug abuse in the country.

Besides, Vijayawada city police and Krishna district police conducted various rallies and police-public meetings at various locations to educate the youth as well as society from drug abuse and its ill effects.

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