TDP ‘assassinating’ Pinnelli’s character: Kasu Mahesh Reddy

YSRC leader Kasu Mahesh accuses poll panel of taking sides, says will fight for repolling where rigging took place.
Kasu Mahesh Reddy
Kasu Mahesh Reddy

VIJAYAWADA : Accusing Telugu Desam party of resorting to rigging and poll malpractices, Gurazala sitting MLA and YSRC candidate Kasu Mahesh Reddy questioned Election Commission of not taking action against the yellow party instead pointing fingers at his party.

Taking a stance on the Macherla incident, where the video of MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy damaging EVMs during polling on May 13 surfaced on internet, he told media on Wednesday that the election commission is acting in a biassed manner.

Mahesh said that YSRC will approach the High Court on the irregularities that took place before, during and after polling. He added that he would fight for repolling, where rigging happened.

Condemning the ‘character assassination’ of Pinnelli by the TDP leaders and a section of media supporting the party, the MLA maintained that Pinnelli, the four-time MLA from Macherla, has public support and there is no need for him to resort to any foul play. He further demanded the poll panel to give replies to various complaints lodged by the YSRC to date and release the videos of the alleged rigging by the TDP

“Why only videos related to Pinneli were released and being circulated and why other videos, where TDP members have resorted to rigging, were not released?” he quipped and pointed that EVM damage was not limited to Macherla and happened in other places as well. Explaining the possible reasons for the incident, Gurajala MLA said on the day of polling, TDP resorted to rigging and other poll malpractices in Tumrukota, Veldurthi, Chintapalli, Vepakampalle and Oppicherla.

“YSRC agents were dragged away from polling booths in those places and the videos of the same were even submitted to the Election Commission. In Palvaigate, when TDP leaders dragged our party agents and thrashed them, Pinneli Ramakrishna Reddy went there to console the YSRC agents. Here it should be noted that the video of Pinneli is being circulated, but what about the video of TDP members dragging a YSRC agent and resorting to rigging, a few hours before that?” he questioned and demanded the videos of the incident that took place in that polling booth be made public, without further delay.

Mahesh said the Election Commission must clear the apprehensions by releasing the video of the rigging by TDP, which the YSRC has complained about. He also demanded the authorities to release the videos of the people involved in rigging at Tumrukota, as they have been claiming to have arrested those involved.

He also questioned the silence of police when women were confined in Gangamma temple in Kothaganesunipadu by the TDP cadre.

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