Scientists try to demystify Science in Kannada

The objective is to take Science to those students who have only studied in Kannada medium.

BENGALURU:“Synapse is the site of defect in majority of neuro-developmental disorders. As part of Centre for Brain Development and Repair, the primary goal of my lab is to study the contribution of synaptic protein synthesis to neuro-developmental disorders.” Try saying this in chaste Kannada without using a word of English.

Dr Ravi Muddashetty, a senior researcher at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inSTEM),  will be exactly doing that on Saturday during his talk on “Learning and Memory” as part of “Speaking Science in Mother Tongue” talks that are being organised in Kannada and Tamil from 2.30 pm to 6 pm at Dasheri Auditorium of the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Ballari Road, here. There will be six speakers — three  in Kannada and three in Tamil.

Anybody with high school Science knowledge can attend this talk on Saturday. The objective is to take Science to those students who have only studied in Kannada medium. Muddashetty says, “Students shouldn’t be apprehensive of taking up studies in Basic Science because of lack of good grasp in English. This talk is a step towards that.”

Breaking the language barrier and taking Science to laymen will also help in cultivating scientific temper and the spirit of scientific inquiry among the public, he adds.A Chennai-based group called Mandram wants it to become an archive of bytes of knowledge that can be easily spread without a language barrier. Bangalore Life Sciences Cluster is partnering with Mandram as a part of the Jigyasa project.

What can you look forward to  
Vignana mattu bashe (Science and Language) by Kollegala Sharma, Author, Scientist
Kaliyuvudu hege mattu mareyuvudu yaake? (How do we learn and why do we forget?) by Dr Ravi Muddashetty.
Bhaudika sampada mattu samaja (Intellectual property and society) by Anil Jagalur, independent consultant.
Nammul paayum minsaram (Electric impulses in the human body) by Dr Vatsala Thirumalai.
Kattatra menporul endral enna? (What is open source software?) by Balaji Kutty, Entrepreneur.
Anukkalil adangiyirukkum vazhkkai ragasiyangal (Life’s secrets hidden in atoms) by Maragathavalli, co-founder, Mandram

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