Karnataka rolls out Learning Management System to digitise education in govt colleges 

LMS Karnataka will be rolled out for five lakh students in 430 Govt First Grade Colleges, 87 Govt Polytechnics, and 14 Govt Engineering Colleges from the academic year 2020-21.
Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa  (File photo | EPS)
Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa (File photo | EPS)

BENGALURU: Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Monday unveiled the first of its kind Digital Education initiative for government college students -- Learning Management System (LMS) Karnataka.

LMS Karnataka will be rolled out for five lakh students in 430 Government First Grade Colleges, 87 Government Polytechnics and 14 Government Engineering Colleges from the academic year 2020-21.

Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Higher Education Dr Ashwathnarayan called it a revolutionary step in the teaching-learning process in higher education in the country. The open-source platform, developed with an investment of Rs 4 crore, would give the students access to self-learning and live-learning, he added.

The department of higher education has touted this as a means to bridge the digital divide between the urban and rural, private and  government institutes. The platform will provide e-content and support online assessment of government college students' in the state.

The platform will have videos of the one-hour lectures that take place in classes, PPT, study material and practice test of 10 multiple-choice questions. 

Multilingual e-Content in Kannada and English is developed university-wise and subject-wise by the faculty of the Department of Collegiate and Technical Education for the past one month, said Pradeep P, Commissioner for Collegiate Education. The PPT will be a step up from the chalk and board method, he added.

He told The New Indian Express that now the first phase of the platform has been rolled out. The login and content access will be given to students and teachers, in this phase.  The first phase was developed by a third party developer in 15 days.

Deeming the platform as a medium to close the learning loop with continuous evaluation, he said it has daily and weekly tests, and the continuous evaluation works as an effective tool to gauge the capacity and weakness of students and teachers.

The inbuilt performance analytics, will give a picture of teaching-learning outcomes, on student, teacher, college, university and state level, he added calling it the "unlocking the true potential of every student and teacher".

The platform works in the offline mode in the mobile app as well as on the web portal, Pradeep said, a measure to counter the drawbacks of the bandwidth and internet issues that were encountered while digitising education during the COVID19 pandemic.

In the previous year, Pradeep said more than 1 lakh students were given laptops which have windows operating system, and the platform will work on a website based mode as well.

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