Senior BJP leader questions scrapping of NEP in Karnataka

Hitting back at Shivakumar, Nagesh said it looks like the Congress government wants “Sonia Education Policy”.

BENGALURU:   Former education minister and senior BJP leader BC Nagesh challenged the State Government, saying he would prove that they have taken the opinion of various stakeholders, including children, before implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) in Karnataka. He demanded that the State government reveal the NEP documents that have loopholes. 

Slamming Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar, who alleged that NEP was framed without taking state governments into confidence, Nagesh said it is an irresponsible statement and a politically motivated one. “In reality, NEP was framed after consulting stakeholders from the Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT), educational experts, vice-chancellors, parents, paediatricians and other experts, it was discussed and debated with them. I will prove this, will you accept this challenge?” Nagesh asked Shivakumar.

In a series of posts on social media platform X, Nagesh questioned Shivakumar on the reason for cancelling NEP 2020, which was discussed and studied for 10 years by scientists, educationists, child experts, the teaching community and the public. “Will you tell the people of the state through official documents what are the loopholes in it?” he asked. 

Claiming that NEP 2020 had already been implemented in CBSE schools, he said, “In Karnataka, there are many schools affiliated to CBSE and some of these schools are owned by Shivakumar and other Congress leaders. Will they change and implement the proposed State Education Policy syllabus in these schools?” 
Former CM Basavaraj Bommai warned of a revolution against the government if NEP is withdrawn. He slammed the state government for taking a decision without any discussion when VCs were present. Unfortunately, none of the VCs questioned the government for taking this decision. He was speaking at an event organised by the People’s Forum for Karnataka Education on NEP.

Bommai said, “By withdrawing NEP, the government is trying to make Karnataka backwards. “Just because you got power, you cannot take decisions. People will revolt and teach you a lesson. You can oppose BJP, but not play with children’s future,” he said. Nagesh said NEP has emphasised regional and mother tongue in the respective states. “Is there a fear that the provision of diverse learning in NEP will affect the English education provided in your (Shivakumar’s) educational institutions?” he said. 

On Monday, Shivakumar had called NEP the “Nagpur Education Policy”. Hitting back at Shivakumar, Nagesh said it looks like the Congress government wants “Sonia Education Policy”.

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