Human trafficker ‘Santro’ Ravi overdoses on tablets, hospitalised in Bengaluru

Currently, he is in a stable condition and under observation.
Police escort Santro Ravi (in cap) who was produced in a court in Mysuru | Express
Police escort Santro Ravi (in cap) who was produced in a court in Mysuru | Express

BENGALURU: Fifty-one-year-old KS Manjunath, alias ‘Santro’ Ravi, the ‘power’ broker allegedly involved in ‘police transfers’ and presently in Criminal Investigation Department (CID) custody, was on Thursday night rushed to Victoria Hospital after he developed health complications when he popped in 10 tablets meant for treating diabetes.

Ravi, suffering from various ailments, is said to have taken the tablets on an empty stomach. His condition is said to be stable. Ravi is accused of allegedly raping his wife, sexual assault, dowry and cases under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocity Act.

The woman, in her complaint, had alleged that she had approached him for a job, but was drugged, videographed and raped, before being forced to marry him. When she threatened him, he filed a false case against her and sent her to jail. Photos of him hobnobbing with top political leaders, especially BJP ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats went viral on social media, besides audio clips of him indicating his alleged involvement in the ‘police transfer’ scam.

‘Santro’ Ravi will be in CID custody till Jan 30

Hospital sources said ‘Santro’ Ravi is a diabetic and he overdosed on the diabetes tablets, consuming ten together, which made him unstable. Doctors said a diabetes patient should consume only a single tablet daily. Consuming ten together caused imbalance in his body. The officials saw him in that unstable condition and rushed him to Lady Curzon & Bowring Hospital on Thursday night. Since a bed was not available, he was taken to Victoria Hospital and admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“He was brought with symptoms of hypoglycemia (low sugar levels), was irritable, with excessive sweating and restless. Currently, he is in a stable condition and under observation. As a part of the criminal procedure, they were also screening him for any other ailments like kidney, heart or lung diseases,” the sources said.

Ravi will be in CID custody till January 30. “He will be brought back to CID once doctors permit. He developed complications on Thursday afternoon. Since he is diabetic, with blood pressure- and kidney-related issues, he has to consume medicines as prescribed by the doctors. He also has to take two insulin injections daily. On Thursday afternoon, he popped in the tablets on an empty stomach and was seen in an unstable condition,” said sources in CID.    

Meanwhile, the city police will soon submit a report to the court pertaining to the false case registered against his wife. City Police Commissioner CH Pratap Reddy told media that the investigators have already recorded the statements of suspended police inspector Praveen pertaining to the false case against the woman.

Praveen, when posted at Cottonpet police station, had filed a false complaint against the woman at the
behest of ‘Santro’ Ravi. The woman then approached senior police officials to look into the issue after ‘Santro’ Ravi was arrested in Gujarat by a Karnataka police team.

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