Too hot to handle! People in Dakshina Kannada struggle with rising temperature

Panambur in Mangaluru recorded the highest maximum temperature of 39.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday.
Image for representational purpose.(Photo | EXPRESS)
Image for representational purpose.(Photo | EXPRESS)

MANGALURU: People are struggling to cope with a relentless heat wave, with temperatures reaching record highs in coastal Karnataka. Panambur in Mangaluru recorded the highest maximum temperature of 39.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Having to contend with sunburns and other humidity-related disorders, people are being extra cautious. Citizens blamed damage to nature as the only reason for extreme weather conditions.

People find relief in cool coconut water,
as temperature soars in Mangaluru | Express

Santhosh Poojary, who works in a private college in Bantwal, said he has developed sunburns as he is allergic to sunshine. Joshwa from Mangaluru said that the rise in temperature is a manmade catastrophe. “We need to plant more saplings, conserve the existing trees and preserve and re-energise open water resources,” he said. Preethi D’Souza, a beautician from Mangaluru, said, “The minute I come home from work, I feel so drenched and exhausted. Even my kids are complaining of the severe heat outside.”

“Rising temperatures reduce the performance levels for people and consumes significant energy leading to fatigue. Heat-induced stress is also leading to increased cardiovascular risks, which is being pointed out by a growing body of evidence. Almost everyday, firecrackers are burst in Mangaluru, which will make the weather worse and it will significantly damage the environment at large, besides eventually contributing to air pollution and noise pollution,” said Dr Edmond Fernandes, Director, Edward & Cynthia Institute of  Public Health.

Prasad A, an IMD scientist from Bengaluru, says during the summer, the probability of above normal temperatures in coastal Karnataka is around 50 per cent, as per the seasonal forecast and there is slight fall in temperatures now and they are expecting light rain in the third week of March. “Dakshina Kannada witnessed two heat wave spells on March 3, 4, 5 and 10,” he said.

The extreme weather conditions are causing health disorders. Dakshina Kannada DHO Dr Kishore Kumar said the heat wave and rising temperature cause dehydration, muscle cramps, viral infections, and senior citizens and pregnant women need extra care. “One has to drink plenty of water, fruit juices, lemonade, buttermilk, and coconut water, which will help maintain the body’s vitamins and minerals. People need to avoid roaming in the sun. If there is a fainting attack or severe weakness, one needs to consult a doctor immediately,” he advised.

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