For BJP, PM Modi’s name itself is a guarantee: Bangalore Central LS candidate PC Mohan

We will win all the 28 seats in the state. Take it from me, Congress will not even get more than 25 seats in the entire country.
Bangalore Central LS candidate PC Mohan
Bangalore Central LS candidate PC Mohan

How is the response during campaigning?

The response is very good. For the last two months, I have been going door-to-door to know if the Central government schemes have reached them and telling them how to do it if they have not. A large number of people have benefited from the Central government programmes and people are happy. In the next five years, I want to concentrate on lake rejuvenation, the use of recycled water, completing the Suburban Rail project in the next 40 months, and giving emphasis to the expansion of the Metro Rail network.

Congress says its guarantees have reached people and it will help them...

People have lost faith in Congress guarantees. It is a political gimmick. Siddaramaiah said they would give 200 units of power free to all, but after coming to power they put conditions to give it only to those who consume less than 200 units. They also increased power tariffs. They have also not kept the promise of giving Rs 2,000 to all women heads of households. Only a few people have got it. For BJP, Modi’s name itself is a guarantee. People look at the performance. We will win all the 28 seats in the state. Take it from me, Congress will not even get more than 25 seats in the entire country.

The allegation against BJP candidates is that they seek votes in Modi’s name and hardly talk about their achievements....

Yes, I proudly take Modiji’s name and ask for votes. In the last 10 years, we Bengaluru MPs have got Rs 1,30,00 crore from the Centre for various projects, Suburban Rail and Metro Rail. I have got Rs 1,000 crore for the Smart City project in my constituency and also implemented many projects. People have elected me three times and I got the ticket to contest a fourth time. I seek votes by taking Modiji’s name as well as the work I have done. Congress leaders are feeling ashamed to ask for votes in the name of Rahul Gandhi.

The allegation against the BJP MPs is that they failed to take up the state’s issues, especially alleged disparity in tax devolution and drought relief...

I would like to ask Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and DCM DK Shivakumar that Mahadevapura in Bangalore Central constituency gives the highest tax and contributes in a big way to exports, but what is the share of funds you are giving it? Chickpet collects the highest GST, how much funds are given for its development? There are no good roads. When you cannot justify (your argument) in your state, why are you questioning the Centre? The decision on tax devolution was taken long back and he was also part of the consultations. It is the same for the entire country. They are trying to politicise the issue of drought relief. It will be given as per the norms. They try to mislead people. People are aware of it.

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