Cosmetic surgery not quick-fix solution, say health experts

Risks include infections, scarring, complications from anaesthesia
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BENGALURU : The recent death of a 28-year-old man from Hyderabad during a cosmetic dental procedure, to improve his smile before his wedding, owing to an alleged overdose of anaesthesia, underscores the importance of thoroughly weighing the potential risks and benefits before undergoing such surgeries. While typically considered safe with minimal side-effects, it is crucial to recognize that cosmetic surgery is not a quick-fix solution. It entails serious medical procedures with risks and potential complications, say health experts.

Dr Shireen Furtado, senior consultant, Medical and Cosmetic Dermatalogy, Aster CMI Hospital, said that cosmetic surgery promises enhancement of appearance and boosts self-esteem, potentially correcting physical abnormalities and counteracting the effects of aging. Procedures like breast augmentation or liposuction can also improve body proportions and symmetry.

However, it is essential to weigh these benefits against the risks involved. She explained that risks include infection, scarring, and complications from anaesthesia. Moreover, the financial burden can be significant, as cosmetic surgeries are often costly and not covered by insurance, while recovery time and discomfort can temporarily disrupt daily activities and lifestyle. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the pros and cons, as well as necessary precautions, before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Dr Shireen added that it is crucial to select a qualified surgeon who is board-certified and experienced. Setting realistic expectations and discussing goals with the surgeon is important to know if it is achievable. Moreover, understanding the recovery process is vital for a smooth post-operative experience, following the surgeon’s instructions regarding medication schedules, wound care and activity restrictions.

Dr Anand K, chief consultant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Sparsh Hospital said, “There has been a surge in the demand for cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and facial contouring. However, it is crucial to recognize that cosmetic surgery is not a quick-fix solution.”

Further, Dr Anand explained that the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should be carefully considered with emphasis on health, safety and realistic outcomes. Consultation must ensure that the chosen interventions align with the individual’s desires, while prioritizing their overall well-being.

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