Karnataka introduces updated compulsory service rules for medicos

During online counselling, candidates can choose a preferred location or exemption based on merit.
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BENGALURU : The state government has introduced the updated Karnataka Compulsory Service by Candidates Completed Medical Courses (Counselling, Allotment and Certification) (Amendment) Rules, 2024.

The rules were officially published on March 16, 2024, after seeking public feedback, which received no responses. The new rules aim to improve the process of assigning medical graduates to compulsory service positions. They became effective immediately upon their publication in the gazette.

The government has updated the rules for compulsory service by medical graduates and introduced new definitions for ‘exemption’, meaning exemption from one year of compulsory service, and ‘salary’, meaning the stipend set by the state government. The terms “training” and “trainee” have been removed from the rules.

New members have been added to the committee responsible for overseeing the service, including the Registrar of the Karnataka Medical Council and the Chief Administrative Officer of Health and Family Welfare Services. Additionally, a grievance committee has been created to address issues related to counselling and appointments, comprising officials from health and education departments in Bengaluru.

The grievance committee will oversee and address issues related to candidate counselling and appointments, and make recommendations to the competent authority. For assigning candidates to compulsory service, the nodal university must collect candidate lists from all universities, including private and deemed ones, immediately after results are announced.

During online counselling, candidates can choose a preferred location or exemption based on merit. If their choice is not available, they may be assigned a random location. Candidates not granted an exemption must serve in the allotted location.

Registrars of deemed and private universities must submit candidate lists for compulsory service. A priority list will be prepared during counselling, giving preference to candidates or their family members facing serious or terminal illnesses without available treatments at their assigned location. Candidates who miss counselling, fail to select a location, or do not report to duty on time may face penalties — Rs 15 lakh for MBBS, Rs 20 lakh for diploma, Rs 25 lakh for MD/MS and Rs 30 lakh for super specialty courses.

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