Women groups demand action against Revanna

The petition was initiated by the All-India Feminist Alliance (ALIFA) and Women for Democracy (WFD).
Women groups protest in Bengaluru.
Women groups protest in Bengaluru.Photo | EPS

BENGALURU : Over 700 women including several women welfare groups and social rights activists across the country have signed a petition against the alleged crimes committed against women by Prajwal Revanna and HD Revanna.

The petition was initiated by the All-India Feminist Alliance (ALIFA) and Women for Democracy (WFD).

The community has written to the National Commission for Women (NCW), calling for strong legal action and has questioned the lack of prompt and strict action by the commission.

The letter reads, “Why has the response of the custodian of women’s rights in the country (NCW) remained so minimal when no less than a Member of Parliament and a sitting MLA face grave charges of sexual abuse and violence against multiple women.” The group held NCW accountable and said that if it had taken timely and stringent action in previous cases, such incidents would not have happened.

“We do not hesitate in saying that the NCW has failed the women of this country, by allowing the institution to become an agency for political vendetta and agendas of the ruling party at the Centre. The lack of swift action in numerous cases of violations of women’s rights, only establishes that the Commission is no longer keen on upholding women’s rights as per its mandate in the NCW Act of 1990,” stated the letter which included the 700 signatories.

The activists have demanded that NCW issue summons to the father-son duo and initiate a swift inquiry, recommending appropriate legal and criminal action against them as per the powers vested in the commission.

Other demands include the protection of the identities of survivors as well as adequate safety and security for all the women who have faced sexual abuse under the Witness Protection Scheme, 2018. Ensure necessary psychological, medical, financial and legal support to all the survivors, as well as rehabilitation under NALSA’s compensation scheme for Women Survivors of Sexual Assault, 2018.

“Direct all online platforms and digital search engines to de-index and take down the videos and images, to protect the safety and dignity of the survivors. Circulation and distribution of this content online and offline must be strictly forbidden and stern legal action must be taken,” read the letter.

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