Win-win Situation for IUML Leadership

KOZHIKODE:As the IUML high command selected the party’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha seat in a ‘democratic’ way, it has turned out as a win-win situation for all in the party, except the workers. Like a well-crafted screenplay, the IUML top brass has ensured that the decision-making process had all the essential ‘democratic’ ingredients such as hearing the opinion of state holders, intense differences of opinion, backing of powerful lobbies, fiery prime time discussions in news channels and a virtual war in the social media before reaching the pre-set climax to award the Rajya Sabha seat to business man P V Abdul Wahab, the key financier of the party.

   While Panakkad Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal, for the time being, managed to reinforce the family’s supremacy in the party, IUML national president E Ahamed expressed his gratitude to Wahab for supporting him when his Lok Sabha seat was at stake.

   The IUML top brass, particularly national treasurer and Industries Minister P K Kunhalikutty, projected as the man behind Majeed, will be a happy lot as they could safeguard the interests of party’s banker.

  It appears, according to political analyst Hameed Chenamangaloor, each among the IUML top leaders played well their part in the drama, with K P A Majeed even wearing that dejected look for becoming a scapegoat in the end.   “Kunhalikutty, the kingmaker within IUML, has skilfully executed the play with perfection. Being the key funding source for the party IUML top brass could not ignore Wahab.   At the same time it should not come as a unanimous choice.  Hence, it was necessary for them to create an impression before the public that the decision making process was democratic,” he said

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