Hindus should rise: Filmmaker Major Ravi fans communal flames in new audio clip

An audio clip of Malayalam film director Major Ravi calling out to Hindus to rise against the 'attacks' against the community is doing the rounds of social media.
Malayalam film director Major Ravi (File | EPS)
Malayalam film director Major Ravi (File | EPS)

An audio clip of Malayalam film director Major Ravi calling out Hindus to rise against the 'attacks' against the community is doing the rounds in social media.

The message is apparently in connection with Malabar Devaswom Board taking over Guruvayoor Parthasarathy Temple.

Ravi, in the leaked WhatsApp voice message, reportedly posted in a Sangh Parivar affiliated group introduces himself first and goes on to say that he had just talked with Kummanam Rajasekharan (BJP Kerala state president).

Ravi goes on express his angst over the Hindu community's silence and says that each Hindu should rise before it is too late.  

"There used to be a time when I had taken an initiative. Everyone lambasted me when I said I would spit on the face of a TV journalist who had called Durga Devi a prostitute. 

At that time, when people from many castes, political parties jumped on the bandwagon of firing me I saw no Hindu's blood boiling. 

But today 'they' are getting into your temples, tomorrow 'they' will get into your homes.

If you don't rise now if you want to stop this if you don't collect strength now.....Tell this to each one (Hindu)."

Parthasarathy Temple, Guruvayoor was taken over by the Malabar Devaswom Board on Tuesday, 7 November at around 4:30 am with police protection. Sangh Parivar organisations like Hindu Aikyavedi had called for a hartal in Thrissur district in protest of the takeover. 

Ravi goes on to say the reason behind the sudden outburst.

"I didn't come to any discussions because I was hurt. I fought then (2016 episode) but nobody stood with me because it wasn't their issue.

The blood inside me is boiling and that is why I talked Rajiyettan today. If you don't rise now, not just temples, they will enter your house."

"Get united and show the strength otherwise you will be finished.", says Major Ravi at the end of the clip.

In March 2016, Major Ravi came under heavy fire when he said, "She called Durga Devi a sex worker because she also belonged to the same category. If I am given a chance, I would spit on her face, that's all".

It was widely shared through social media that during a debate on Asianet News over celebrating Mahishasur Jayanti, journalist Sindhu Sooryakumar allegedly had no problem in Goddess Durga being termed as 'a sex worker'.

Her name was attached to the comment with her number being shared through social media. The journalist was called a 'sex worker' by cyber bullies and received abusive calls as well as death threats. 

Sooryakumar in a The News Minute clarifies, “I have not said that Goddess Durga is a sex worker. It was V. V. Rajesh who read out the words from the pamphlets”.

According to the footage of the episode, it was BJP state secretary VV Rajesh who was reading out from the pamphlets allegedly circulated in Jawaharlal Nehru University who uttered the words.

Listen to Major Ravi's controversial audio clip here:

Previously Major Ravi, along with Priyadarshan was one of the speakers at the World Hindu Congress in 2014, organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad in New Delhi.

(The New Indian Express has been unable to verify this audio clip.)

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