A scented solidarity for Lakshadweep from Qatar

Nazar said ‘Lakshadweep’ will be a sea-inspired perfume with sea blue colour and a distinct scent of sea wind. 
A scented solidarity for Lakshadweep from Qatar

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A Qatar-based perfume manufacturer has named its new product ‘Lakshadweep’ in a rare act of solidarity to the archipelago that has allegedly been subjected to discriminatory policies by the administration. Rabbani, a company owned by Malayalis, has released five perfume variants in the international market. ‘Lakshadweep’ will be the sixth variant to emerge from the stable and is expected to be released officially in Dubai soon. 

The news of the new product was shared by the company on its Facebook page with the tagline ‘A fragrance protest’. ‘Lakshadweep’ will be released in the international market and India simultaneously, said Nazar Malik, a musician and one of the partners of ‘Rabbani’. In Kerala, the perfume will be released in a function that will be organised by following Covid protocol, Nazar added.

Nazar said ‘Lakshadweep’ will be a sea-inspired perfume with sea blue colour and a distinct scent of sea wind. “The archipelago stands apart because of the salty wind and blue seas. So apart from the name, the perfume, by its look and traits, will remind the user of the islands,” Nazar said. Nazar said the idea to launch the product by the distinct name was pitched in by one of his Facebook friends. When he discussed it with his business partners, they all agreed, Nazar said.

He said whenever the coming generation comes across ‘Lakshadweep’, they should remember about the island and the protests associated with it. “The perfume should self-explain about the whole episode of the injustice meted out to the island and the act of resistance.”

“Other modes of protests for the islands might be forgotten in the labyrinths of time. But ‘Lakshadweep’ is a unique way of expressing solidarity and will remain immortal. It will be a timeless resistance of fragrance that will be remembered forever,” Nazar added. Since the Facebook update, Nazar said he has been receiving applauds, especially from the islanders. “They were thanking me profusely for standing up for them at this difficult juncture.”

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