‘Qourt’ seeks to speed up legal proceedings in Kerala

Law Qube founder and CEO Mathew Philip said ‘Qourt’ is already live and running successfully in courts in Dubai as well as the Bar Council of Kerala.
Law Qube CEO Mathew Philip
Law Qube CEO Mathew Philip

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Inordinate delays in legal proceedings and disposal of cases is set to be a thing of the past. This is what Law Qube Technologies, a Technopark-based startup, is promising with its cloud-based software platform. Christened ‘Qourt’, the platform aims to digitise the judicial ecosystem. 

It is a framework that could benefit lawyers, judges, judicial officers as well as the common man approaching the courts. 

According to the firm, ‘Qourt’ helps courts at every step, from filing the case to its disposal. The platform can be used in higher and lower courts, tribunals, and law enforcement organisations.  ‘Qourt Framework’, an online collaboration and case management platform, enables remote litigation management with scheduling of court events for online appearance, hearing, and trial to help courts settle cases rapidly.

Law Qube founder and CEO Mathew Philip said ‘Qourt’ is already live and running successfully in courts in Dubai as well as the Bar Council of Kerala.

“We have implemented the software in Dubai courts and at the Bar Council of Kerala. We are in talks with high courts in the country over implementing the software to ensure a virtual judicial ecosystem across India. In addition, discussions on implementation are also on with the Ghana government in Africa,” said Mathew. 

Qourt aims to modernise way courts operate

Law Qube CEO Mathew Philip said several Indian courts are using the software developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), and hence, it will take some time to tap that market. 

Mathew said they have ensured substantial advantages by creating a state-of-the-art software product framework that can be rapidly implemented in judicial and government projects using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain technologies. 

Law Qube Technologies was launched in October 2018 with a prime focus on developing software for the judiciary and case management. Its team developed Qourt following years of research and development experience. It eliminates physical documentation and paper-intensive operations and procedures that the legal and judicial services are familiar with. From case filing to disposition, the movement of the documents can be tracked and validated using the process automation engine within the Qourt Framework. The framework integrates and interconnects the judicial and government ecosystems seamlessly, statewide or countrywide. 

The software aims to modernise the way courts, government departments, law offices, and legal departments operate while opening the door for innovations and increased efficiency.

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