Meme Pooram: Netizens have a field day after Suresh Gopi’s win

Fireworks lit up social media after the surprise win of Suresh Gopi in Thrissur.
When BJP workers took out a procession in town celebrating the victory of Suresh Gopi on Tuesday.
When BJP workers took out a procession in town celebrating the victory of Suresh Gopi on Tuesday.Photo by S Lal

The popular Malayalam saying, “onnil pizhachaal moonu”, which roughly translates to if you fail the first time, you will get it the third time (sounds better in Malayalam), turned out to be a prophecy for veteran actor and NDA candidate Suresh Gopi.

Suresh Gopi finally won in Thrissur after losing two elections. Having previously claimed twice that he would take Thrissur (not literally), he finally managed to do so, and that too by a huge margin.

While this may have been a joyous occasion for Gopi and his supporters, many netizens did not share their excitement over how the election results turned out in the cultural capital of the state.

Memes and trolls have always been a reflection of the current socio-political climate in Kerala and the election results also paved the way for Keralites to display their humour at the surprise result. And it was no surprise that the twist in Thrissur, which can only be compared to an M. Night Shyamalan film, contributed to the most memes.

The esteemed memers of Kerala wasted no time in coming up with interesting and unique ways to show their surprise when Suresh Gopi, fondly called SG and not so fondly called Sura, won the elections.

From Suresh Gopi’s “iconic” dance moves to movie scenes of stepping on literal faeces, there was no shortage of content. Just when Kerala memers showed no signs of slowing down, the Tamil Nadu meme connoisseurs arrived. They also joined the banter, showing their surprise as the BJP won a seat in Kerala, a place that was considered to be an impenetrable fortress for it.

Here are some of the memes made after the election results were announced.

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