Time to introspect, reconnect with people: Binoy Viswam

CPI state secretary Binoy Viswam opined that in Kerala’s specific political scenario, the Left should be ready for self-criticism.
CPI leader Binoy Viswam.
CPI leader Binoy Viswam.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Waking up to reality post Lok Sabha polls, the CPI has called for urgent corrective measures and to learn lessons from the defeat. It’s time for the Left to go in for deep introspection, self-correction and reconnect with the people, said CPI state secretary Binoy Viswam. In a letter to branch secretaries too, Binoy Viswam underscored the need to revive the links with the masses.

Speaking at a meeting in connection with K R Gouri Amma’s birth centenary celebrations in Alappuzha, the CPI leader said it’s significant to assimilate criticism in its right sense. Communists should be ready to look into the ideological and historical aspects of those whom they criticise. “We shouldn’t approach others with an attitude that we can say anything about others. The language of criticism is important. The changing times demand a rethink about the Communist approach in the language of criticism,” he pointed out.

Binoy Viswam opined that in Kerala’s specific political scenario, the Left should be ready for self-criticism. “It’s time to learn the necessary lessons. The current situation can be overcome. But it’s important to go in for necessary corrections. We need to ask ourselves whether the Left’s mass base has been shattered. If we don’t ask this question now - when the people have made certain opinions about the Left - when are we going to ask,” he said.

The CPI leader said if wrongdoings are identified, it should be corrected. “If we are convinced about our mistakes, we need to tell the people. The real Left values stand for self-correction before the public. In politics, criticism is important,” he said adding that the Left will not be worn out by a mere defeat.

In his letter to branch secretaries, Binoy Viswam pointed out that the Left front and its constituent parties should look into the setbacks suffered in the election. “We need to look into whether the Communists, who are supposed to keep close relations with the people, have succeeded in doing so. Do we still maintain the same kind of links that we once had with people in the lower strata of society? How did we lose their trust? These are the basic issues that we need to address,” said the letter. The CPI secretary urged his party colleagues to address the reasons for the defeat so as to gear up for the next local body and assembly elections.

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