P Jayaraj, ex-comrade cross swords in cyber war

It all started with the CPM expelling Manu, who was on a hiatus from party work for over an year, last Sunday.
CPM Kannur district committee member Manu Thomas
CPM Kannur district committee member Manu Thomas Photo | Express

KANNUR : As the CPM readies for an introspection in the wake of the severe drubbing in the Lok Sabha election, the party finds itself in an imbroglio in its citadel, Kannur, with expelled district committee member Manu Thomas coming out in the public with a series of serious allegations against party leaders from the district.

CPM stalwart P Jayarajan joined issue with Manu on Wednesday with a hard-hitting Facebook post targeting the expelled leader. He threatened to sue his former comrade for slander.

Manu retorted daring Jayarajan to a public debate on the allegations he raised.

It all started with the CPM expelling Manu, who was on a hiatus from party work for over an year, last Sunday.

Later in an interview with a newspaper, Manu levelled allegations against the district leadership, including Jayarajan, accusing them of harbouring strong ties with criminal gangs, including those involved in gold smuggling, and, quarry mafia.

An enraged Jayarajan took to social media. “Manu Thomas was not involved in any political work for fifteen months. Was he fighting quotation gangs, indulging in gold smuggling, or quarry owners during the Lok Sabha election? If Manu makes false accusations against someone in the party, we cannot merely stand by and nod,” he wrote on Facebook.

Jayarajan did not spare the media either. “During his long stint with the CPM, Manu Thomas had to make several sacrifices in his journey from a farmer’s family to the leadership of SFI and DYFI. He became an elected member of a local body, and later made it to the party district committee. But the media had ignored him all through this journey. But suddenly on 24th June, 2024, he gets widespread media coverage. Why? Just because he left the CPM,” the FB post alleged.

Manu replied, inviting Jayarajan to an open debate.

“Let the people know everything, including the fact that you started a discussion to form a new group in the party recently. I have nothing to hide from the party and people,” he wrote on Facebook.

Shajar involved with criminal groups: Manu tells Govindan

Manu’s letter to CPM state secretary M V Govindan, complaining against Youth Commission Chairman M Shajar, also came out. The letter alleged that Shajar is actively involved with criminal groups.

Earlier on Tuesday, CPM Kannur district secretary M V Jayarajan told reporters that Manu’s dismissal from party membership had no connection with his allegation against party leadership. “Manu has not participated in party meetings or activities for the last 15 months. His party membership was not renewed in 2024. As per section 7 of the party constitution, memberships must be reviewed annually. As Manu failed on various criteria without proper reason, he was ejected from the party,” he added.

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