From YouTube tutorials to viral sensation, designer Razal hits the right tool

Currently, Razal is the Chief Creative Officer at Team Interval in Malappuram, where he has worked for the past four years.
Razal Rahman's stunning poster designs
Razal Rahman's stunning poster designs

KOZHIKODE: In a remarkable story of talent and perseverance, 25-year-old Razal Rahman C K from Areekode, a small town in Malappuram district, has captured the attention of the global film industry with his stunning poster designs. A self-taught graphic designer, Razal recently gained widespread recognition after his poster on the superhit Netflix movie Laapataa Ladies went viral.

Razal’s journey into the world of graphic design began during the Covid pandemic when he found himself with ample free time. A bachelor’s degree holder in English Literature, he turned to YouTube to learn the intricacies of digital design. He honed his skills quickly and started creating movie posters, driven by his passion for films.

“I started creating posters after watching films that struck a chord with me,” Razal said.

“I would reimagine the movie’s essence and design a poster that reflected how I wished to see it.”

His breakthrough moment came with the poster for Laapataa Ladies directed by Kiran Rao. Razal was particularly drawn to the character of Phool, whose inner strength and resilience inspired him deeply.

“Phool deserves a garden, and I made one. She is a struggling woman in the film but I wanted to portray her in a positive light, symbolising appreciation for women like her in real life,” Razal explained.

His poster for Laapataa Ladies was released on his social media platforms, Instagram in particular, on May 12. The next day, the Netflix team contacted him, expressing their admiration for his work. The highlight came when Kiran Rao herself reached out to appreciate Razal’s creative vision.

Beyond Laapataa Ladies, Razal’s talent has been recognised by notable figures in the film industry. His poster on the movie Kannur Squad caught the eye of the Mammootty Film Company, which used it on its official social media platforms. Similarly, his work on Idukki Gold earned him praise from director Ashiq Abu. Musician Rex Vijayan also appreciated a poster Razal created for him.

Razal Rahman C K
Razal Rahman C K

Razal’s journey from a novice designer to a celebrated artist underscores the power of self-learning and social media.

“Since I was young, I’ve been doing photo edits with the little knowledge I had,” Razal recounted. “Posting my work on Instagram played a significant role in my growth.”

Currently, Razal is the Chief Creative Officer at Team Interval in Malappuram, where he has worked for the past four years. His innovative designs have paved the way for more opportunities, including an upcoming project with Sony Liv.

According to Razal Rahman, with passion, dedication, and the right platform, extraordinary talent can emerge from the most unexpected places.

“My journey from YouTube tutorials to mainstream media was amazing, of course with the support of social media which has helped me grow,” he added.

Razal is currently excited to work for Sony Liv’s series Undekhi Season 3.

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