Bhubaneswar cops to use road spikes to nail drunk drivers

The police also plans to seize mobile phones of persons who are found talking while driving
Image used for representation
Image used for representation

BHUBANESWAR: The city police has planned to procure road spikes to nab violators who try to escape cops during drunken driving tests.

The portable spike barriers will only be used during late hours of the night. The decision was taken after police personnel had a narrow escape when some persons driving four-wheelers under the influence of alcohol hit the barricades and even attempted to run over them in a bid to flee from the spot.

Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda said drive against drunken driving has been intensified in the city with the objective to reduce road accidents.

“However in at least two recent incidents, many violators travelling in cars took sudden U-turns when checking was being conducted near Omfed Square. They even attempted to run over the police personnel standing on the opposite road. We have planned to procure the road spikes to nab such violators who endanger the lives of police personnel.”

Initially, the police have planned to procure two spike barriers to find out if those are effective in stopping people trying to flee.

Meanwhile, police have also planned to seize mobile phones of persons who are found using the devices while driving. “Vehicles of people found to be riding/driving while talking over mobile phone are being seized. But it has not acted as a deterrent. We are planning to seize mobile phones of such violators after creating awareness about the drive. Once it starts and mobile phones are seized, the violators will have to get back their devices from the court,” said a police officer.

There has been no let up in road accidents and the resulting fatalities. At least 5,467 people lost their lives in Odisha due to road accidents in 2022 and the figure rose to 5,696 in 2023. Khurda is among the districts in the state which witnessed a rise in road accident-related fatalities in the last two years.

At least 332 and 385 people were killed in road mishaps in Khurda in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

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