AIADMK true guardian of Muslims, says EPS; explains alliance compulsions

You need not fear just because we formed alliance with another political party, says CM
Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami addressing a large gathering near Dharapuram police station in Tirupur district on Thursday
Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami addressing a large gathering near Dharapuram police station in Tirupur district on Thursday

TIRUPUR: The Muslim community need not fear about the AIADMK’s alliance with a particular party, Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said on Thursday while touching upon a rarely-addressed topic. He was speaking at a marriage function in Kangeyam, Tirupur.

“The AIADMK is the true guardian of minority communities,” he said. “Be it MG Ramachandran or J Jayalalithaa, former supremos of the AIADMK, neither of them ruled the State on the basis of caste or religion. Following in their footsteps, I have ensured that there aren’t any caste or communal conflicts in the State in my tenure,” he said. 

Chief Minister during an interactive
session with Tirupur All Islam Jamath
members on Thursday;

Alliances for political reasons: EPS

Palaniswami said that his government takes steps to ensure “minor” issues are immediately addressed. “Even in the Mettupalayam incident, the person was immediately arrested.” The Chief Minister was referring to an alleged inflammatory statement made by a BJP functionary in the recent past, sparking communal tension in the region.

“TN is the most peaceful State, and AIADMK has implemented several schemes for Muslims – Khabristan in Nachipalayam, increase in Hajj and Ulema pension, construction of hostels for Muslim women in Chennai, and allocation of 5.145 metric tonnes of rice for 3,000 masjid every year for Ramzan.” W e will never discriminate people on the basis of religion, the CM said. “Alliances, on the other hand, are formed for political reasons. It is different from the basic policy of party.

You need not fear just because we formed alliance with another political party. Personally, I feel that God is common for all religions.” Taking a dig at opponents, Palaniswami said there may be others who claim to be guardians, but real work is done only by AIADMK.

DMK cadre only care for free biryani, says CM
A ddressing a rally in Dharapuram area of Tirupur, Palaniswami said the DMK was only hungry for power. “In 2006, DMK election manifesto promised to give two acres of land to landless farmers. Did the people from this region get the farm land?,” he asked. “Thank goodness that they did not grab land from farmers. Since they haven’t been in power for 10 years, they think they can promise anything under the sun and come back to power.

Palaniswami along with Ministers having tea at a road side bakery in Tirupur

They are a party of cadres who fight for free biryani, and the party president MK Stalin does Katta Panchayat for such issues.” “When J Jayalalithaa was the leader of Opposition in Tamil Nadu Assembly in the late 1980s, M Karunanidhi was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. A group of members belonging to DMK attacked J Jayalalitha inside the facility,” he recalled and added, “When the leader of the Opposition party faced such an attack, think about the status of common women during DMK rule.” He then mocked at the DMK promise to resolve all grievances within 100 days and said, “even to lay a road, there are procedures like floating tenders and making Budget estimates.

It cannot be done overnight.” Later, Palaniswami interacted with the IT wing of the party in Madathukulam. L ater, speaking in the Tirupur city, he said, “Within a few days, we will be launching the public grievance number 1100. MK Stalin can just make announcements of the schemes, but the AIADMK government alone implements the schemes.” Terming the DMK as a corporate party created for the welfare of a single family, Palaniswami said, “During their rule, there was severe power failure throughout the State.

But, the AIADMK government removed the severe problem within three years. AIADMK government is a role model for best governance. On the other hand, MK Stalin is claiming that he will become Chief Minister within three months. The Chief Minister post is not a product that can be bought from the shop.” Palaniswami said a Bronze statue of ‘Kangeyam’ bull will be installed in the Kangeyam town.

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