13 popular medical textbooks will be available in Tamil in next four years

There are a lot of dictionaries available to help us in the work.
Image used for representational purpose.
Image used for representational purpose.

CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation (TNTB&ESC) is in the process of translating 13 renowned medical books into Tamil to help students who studied in their mother tongue. Of these books, the full book of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology is expected to be released in January.

Apart from these, other important medical books that are recommended for students will also be translated, officials from TNTB&ESC said. 

“Guyton physiology has only been translated into 25 languages across the world. We are using the help of eminent doctors in the state to do the translation. The books will be released in a phased manner in the next four years,” an official said.

The books that are being translated include Parsons Diseases of the Eye, Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery, Mudaliar & Menon Clinical Obstetrics, Howkins & Bourne Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology, Satyanarayana Biochemistry, Pharmacology And Pharmacotherapeutics by RS Satoskar, Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology, Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease and Howkins & Bourne Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology. Doctors said several new words by going to the root of the medical terms have also been created in the process of translation. 

“Translating books and making them available in Tamil will help them become better doctors and also innovate in the future. There are a lot of dictionaries available to help us in the work. This is a huge work and we are trying to do it without compromising on the quality of content,” said Dr S Kumaravel, HoD (Orthopedics) at Thanjavur Government Medical College.

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